Future Growth of Health Tech Market In Philippines |Ken Research

Buy Now The Philippines government introduced universal health coverage (UHC) in 2019. The UHC Act embodies this choice and was carried by a broad coalition of parliamentarians across the political spectrum. With the advent of advancements in the Healthcare sector, another law was introduced to promote health technology in the country. eHealth strategic framework and… Read More »

Rapid integration of health technology solutions and various virtual channels has led to a seamless penetration of health technologies in the Philippines: Ken Research

Buy Now Shortfall in Medical Facility: The Philippines experienced a major shortage of medical workers. Each Filipino has to wait for several hours to connect to a medical professional. It was also seen that the minimum time to reach a nearby healthcare facility was around 39 minutes. Another major problem associated with healthcare accessibility is… Read More »

Philippines Health Tech Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

Buy Now The report titled “Philippines Health Tech Market Outlook to 2025- By Service Type (E-Pharmacy, Online Consultation and Healthcare IT Solutions) and By Region (Manila, Central Luzon, Mindanao/Davao, and Others)” provides a comprehensive analysis of the health tech industry of Philippines. The report also covers an overview and genesis of the industry, overall market size… Read More »

Growth in the Insights of Pharmaceutical Sterility Testing Global Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now The pharmaceutical sterility testing market be made up of sales of pharmaceutical sterility testing products and interrelated services which are castoff to confirm that pharmaceutical products are free from the attendance of the viable microorganisms. Pharmaceutical sterility tests are processes for checking the occurrence of microorganism in biological parenteral which are proposed for… Read More »

Rising Growth across Global Nutritional Supplements Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Nutritional supplement are ingredients that deliver adequate quantities of essential nutrients mandatory for the superior working of human bodies. It comprises vitamins, proteins, herbs, meal supplements, sports nutrition and additional related products that are utilized to enhance the nutritional content of the diet. They are added to the diet to enhancement the overall… Read More »

Growth Of Global Teledermatology Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Teledermatology is a groundbreaking approach of conveying dermatology services, covering remote locations impartially and allowing dermatologists or primary care practitioners to assist patients by mentioning them to local dermatology centers. It can be approved out in real-time utilizing video-conferencing devices and store-and-forward approaches in two manners. One can store the relocated photographs and videos… Read More »

Trends In Global Oncology Drugs Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Oncology is an area of cancer science and care. Cancer is a sickness in which abnormal cells enlarge and divide uninhibited. Drugs oncology is accommodating in the aid of cancer diagnosis. Tobacco and smoking, infectious syndromes, genetic factors, carcinogens, bacterial infections, physical activity, dietary habits, and age are some of the causes of cancer.… Read More »