US Powered Surgical Instruments Market is Projected to be ~ $12 Bn by 2028, Innovations and Advancements Drive Growth: Ken Research

The US Powered Surgical Instruments market is witnessing huge growth in terms of expansion and revenue. The primary growth drivers of this market are advancements in technology, rising healthcare expenditures, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) trends, growing prevalence of chronic diseases. STORY OUTLINE As the market for UDI keeps increasing, the demand for compliance-enabling technology, such… Read More »

Sculpting the Future: Unveiling Saudi Arabia’s Dynamic Fitness Frontier: Ken Research

Storyline Booming Fitness Scene: Saudi Arabia hosts 28+ organized and numerous unorganized fitness centers, driven by industry growth. Competitive Diversity: Fragmented competition focuses on price, facilities, training, and brand loyalty, varying across cities. 4Entry Hurdles: High establishment costs, land, professionals, and equipment deter new entrants, favoring established players. Evolving Trends: Emerging women’s fitness, personalized training,… Read More »

Wondfo’s POC Immunoassay Analyzers: Revolutionizing Healthcare in Brazil: Ken Research

Wondfo is a well-known Chinese biotech company that specializes in producing and distributing rapid diagnostic test kits for various medical purposes. Wondfo reported a net cash flow of ~16 billion from operating activities in the year 2022. STORY OUTLINE With innovative “Nine Technology Platforms,” Wondfo drives point-of-care diagnostics, ensuring swift and reliable testing, improving patient… Read More »

Top 5 Government Initiatives Fueling the Growth of POC Immunoassay Analyzers in India: Ken Research

STORY OUTLINE ‘Make in India’ initiative encourages domestic production of medical devices, including POC Immunoassay Analyzers, to make India a hub for affordable healthcare technology. National Health Mission is setup to establishes health and wellness centers with diagnostics, driving demand for POC Immunoassay Analyzers in untouched regions. Ayushman Bharat scheme, a Universal health coverage scheme… Read More »

BodiTech Med Takes Brazil by Storm: Leading the Point-of-Care Testing Revolution- Ken Research

Boditech Med is a prominent leader in the field of point-of-care testing, offering an impressive portfolio of over 90 biomarker products. Boditech Med is renowned for its cutting-edge technologies and extensive array of biomarker products, all aimed at delivering rapid and precise diagnostic solutions. STORY OUTLINE Boditech Med’s Expansion in Brazil: Boditech Med is venturing… Read More »