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In Case of Emergency: How to Use a Window Breaker Tool Effectively

According to the research reports, 12.15 million vehicles get into road crashes in the U.S. yearly. Most cars in accidents have numerous fatalities due to inadequate safety equipment. With the volume of autos expected to increase on the road in the coming years, a safety tool can save your life and that of a loved one. 

A window breaker is a safety equipment that frees you from entrapments such as a blocked or jammed window in an emergency. It also frees you from stuck seatbelts and creates safe escape routes. This post explains the different components of a window breaker and how to use one to escape life-threatening road emergencies unharmed. 

Components of a Window Breaker 

Knowing the parts of a window breaker helps you understand how to use it better. Window breakers typically have a sharp blade and an innerspring trigger that releases a sharp, powerful spike. 

The blade cuts stuck seat belts when a vehicle drowns or is in a car crash that causes it to roll over. On the other hand, the spring spike hits the car’s window with intense force and breaks it into minor pieces. Each component of a window breaker tool is reloadable after use, making it an ideal tool for long-term use. 

Effective Ways to Use a Window Breaker 

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Window breakers free you from car entrapments during emergencies, such as jammed seat belts and windows. They create clear and safe routes to escape. The following steps will help you learn how to use a window breaker to avoid risky situations:

Keep Your Window Breaker Close

A window breaker should always be accessible if an emergency occurs when driving. The ideal locations for storing a window breaker include the rear-view mirror, gear shifter, or headrest when attached to a key ring. Most window breakers have a small hole for a key ring.  

Alternatively, you can add your window breaker to your car keys for easier tracking. You can also mount the tool on your windshield, door, or sun visor using a sun visor clip or other window breaker mounting tools.

Break a Glass Window 

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Most vehicle accidents cause door and window mechanical malfunctions. Jammed belts and windows trap you inside and leave little to no room to escape or seek help. A window breaker shutters tempered glass during emergencies and creates a clear path out of the vehicle to safety. 

Before using a glass breaker, ensure your windows have tempered and not laminated glass type. Tempered glass breaks into small harmless chunks, while laminated glass breaks into the sharp glass that can injure you while escaping. Check your window manufacturer stamp to confirm your vehicle’s glass material. 

After confirming, hold the window breaker firmly between the thumb and index fingers. Point it towards the bottom corner of your car’s window and press the black cylindrical part at the top (head) to activate the spring-loaded spike. 

It will shatter the glass instantly and establish a safe opening for you to escape. Window breakers only work on a vehicle’s side windows rather than the front or back windows. 

Also, regular practice will give you a better understanding of how a window breaker works. You practice using a window breaker on a notepad or sturdy paper. Hold the breaker against a pad and press the cylindrical head to release the spike. It should produce a click sound and leave an indentation of the spike on your pad. 

You can also test the window breaker tool on a piece of tempered glass inside a plastic carrier. It will give you a clearer picture of hitting an actual car window in an emergency.

Cut a Jammed Seat Belt 

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Besides breaking windows, window breakers can cut stuck safety belts in an emergency. Most seatbelts get jammed due to the pressure on the seat belt mechanism when the car is upside-down. 

A window breaker cuts a stuck seatbelt diagonally and frees you to maneuver around the car and escape. Pull back the blade cover on the window breaker to access the cutting blade when using a window breaker.  

Hold it between your index finger and thumb, and cut your seat belt at a 45-degree angle. The backhead of the window breaker should face upwards for a precise cut. Next, pull the blade in one swipe to cut the belt and free yourself from the entrapment. Practice this process until you can cut a seatbelt correctly while under pressure. 

To Conclude  

Road accidents can cause vehicle parts such as windows and seat belts to develop mechanical like drowning underwater or car explosions. Jammed safety belts and windows can entrap you in life-threatening situations. 

A window breaker helps you break free from stuck seatbelts and windows during emergencies. You can cut a seatbelt diagonally and free yourself from deadly car accidents. You can also release the spoke to break tempered windows and create safe escape routes from danger. Ensure you hold the window breaker correctly for the best result. If needed, practice regularly to master the tool. 

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