Qatar Vehicle Finance Market is further expected to reach a Market Size of around QAR 25.2 Billion in terms of Auto Loans Outstanding & QAR 9.6 Billion in terms of Auto Loans disbursed by the year ending 2023: Ken Research

Buy Now Captives & NBFC’s are expanding their auto loan portfolios at an increasing rate. Many Automobile OEM’s, especially luxury brands like BMW, Audi etc. have started providing loans with 0% down-payments to increase the sale of their vehicles. This has proved very effective for these companies and has driven the sale of these dealerships.… Read More »

India Financial Brokerage Industry Outlook to FY’2024: Ken Research

Buy Now The publication titled ‘India Financial Brokerage Industry Outlook to FY’2024’ undertakes an in-depth analysis of Indian Capital Market Trrading industry, changing preferences of retail and institutional investors, competitive landscape of full service brokerages, discounted brokerage firms and hybrid firms. It also covers the unique expansion strategies undertaken by key players, type of technological advancements integrated… Read More »

ATM Managed Services Providers Market Outlook: Ken Research

The ATM Managed Services Providers has effectively perceived durable growth incited by an intensification in the quantity of cash dispensing machines & cash recycling machines; reduction in the prices accused by managed service benefactors, admission of the new players in the industry & an augment in the quantity of the bank branches amongst the calculated duration.… Read More »

Philippines Auto Loan Outstanding is Expected to Reach around PHP 1,026.6 Billion by 2024: Ken Research

Buy Now Nissan has expanded its Nissan Finance program to enable more customers in the Philippines to own a Nissan vehicle. In partnership with East West Banking Corporation (EastWest), the sales finance program provides wholesale and retail financing options and loan facility products exclusively for Nissan customers in the Philippines. Entry of Japanese Automakers in… Read More »

Thailand Auto Finance Market Research Report: Ken Research

Buy Now How Thailand Auto Finance Market Is Positioned? The auto finance market has played an imperative role in the overall GDP contribution in the Thai economy with a valuable contribution of ~ in terms of auto loan disbursed by the end of 2019 (Provisional). The market compasses similar trends fairly in-line with the domestic vehicle sales… Read More »

Increasing Trends In The Worldwide Remittance Market Outlook: Ken Research

The worldwide market of the remittance has led by the international remittances and domestic remittances which are demonstrate by the OFW remittance inflow, the internal migrant’s transfers. Throughout 2013-20218, the international and domestic remittance markets have demonstrates a remarkable growth. The Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) space has been the most imperative source of the growth in the… Read More »

UAE ATM Managed Services Market Research Report: Ken Research

Buy Now How UAE ATM Managed Services Market Is Positioned? UAE ATM managed services market witnessed growth due to increase in ATM penetration, increase in value and volume of ATM withdrawals and improved liquidity in the market from 2013 to 2018. The total number of ATMs have increased from 2013-2018 at a CAGR of %.… Read More »

Global Cash Logistics Market Size by Revenue is expected to reach around USD 25 Billion by the year Ending 2023 thus, displaying a forecasted CAGR of 9.0% for the Outlook Period 2019-2023: Ken Research

Buy Now The market is driven by increased outsourcing by banks and retailers in emerging markets and introduction of high value technology driven services in the developed markets. The rise in costs associated with traditional cash logistics services is expected to drive global companies thus, investing in restructuring and efficiency improvement exercises to improve profitability.… Read More »

Positive Macroeconomic Indicators are Expected to Support Vietnam Economy: Ken Research

Buy Now Macroeconomic studies the behavior & performance of economy. It focuses on fluctuations in the gross domestic product (GDP), business cycle phases, employment rate and rate of inflation, level of government debt, money supply, and short-term & long-term effects of trends and changes in the measures. Macroeconomics study that have different areas of research… Read More »