Growth in Number of New Businesses Expected to Drive Global Accounting Services Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Accounting services market comprises of sales of accounting services & related goods by entities that provide recording and financial transactions analysis and other financial values pertaining to businesses and other organizations. Accounting services are type of service that provides the recording and analysis such as payroll, tax preparation, bookkeeping, auditing, and among others.… Read More »

Several Developments in Term Life Insurance Global Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now The term life insurance market involves of sales of term life insurance products and correlated services by persons (organizations, sole traders and partnerships). These entities are engaged in primarily underwriting (i.e., assuming the perils and assigning premiums) annuities and life insurance policies, incapacity income insurance policies, dismemberment insurance and accidental death policies Term… Read More »

Global Digital Mortgage Platform Comprehensive Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now A digital mortgage platform offers services to handle the borrowing method. Digital Mortgage Platform purposes at simplifying, automating, and standardizing the progressions of formation, underwriting, quality assurance, and customer support. This allows borrowers to access enhanced customer service, reduce prices of origination, servicing, and enforcement, rising top-line production, enhance portfolio quality, and rise… Read More »

Global Digital Banking Platform Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Digital banking platform is an important Omnichannel platform that helps banks and financial organizations streamline and manage all their interactions with digital customers. Implementation of those systems mains to increased customer experience delivering creative digital product and services and reducing price whereas supporting banks to gratify regulatory requirements. The developing wave of digital transformation is fuelling demand… Read More »

Growing Landscape Of Global Car Finance Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Car financing comprises a variety of financial products that deliver the funds to customers to buy cars without full payment through cash or lump-sum payments. Several financial products are prevailing in the categories of car loans. These services are delivered by financing corporates or specialized car producers. The stipulation of car financing, by a… Read More »

Mobile Payments Market Size | Electronic Payments Market Report: Ken Research

Mobile payment is an effective alternative technique for traditional payment systems where cash, cheques, or credit cards are the medium of payment. Mobile Payment conveys to customers a manner to purchase any goods or services with the support of wireless devices such as smartphones, tablets, and others. In addition, the Mobile Payment utilizes dissimilar technologies… Read More »

ATM Managed Services Providers: Ken Research

The ATM managed services sometimes well-known as ATM-as-a-service are a professional and wide-ranging suite of services providing to quite a few banks, financial institutions, and other business persons installing ATM machines for their business. It deals and engrosses with several offerings comprising cash management, surveillance, maintenance & caretaker services, ATM replenishment & network monitoring, ATM… Read More »

Future Growth of Global Cash Flow Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Cash flow is the process of monitoring, analyzing & optimizing the net amount of cash. It maintains control over the inflow & outflow of funds that determine a business’ solvency. Cash flow management software delivers quick, safe, and an effective solution to different industry for instance information technology (IT), banking sector, information technology-enabled services… Read More »

Effective Growth In Landscape Of Car Finance Market Outlook: Ken Research

The worldwide car financing market is predominantly driven by the growing consumer target for car ownership. The occurrence of non-banking financial corporates that offer productive zero down payment financing schemes and low interest EMIs have decoyed the young populace to own car despite less capital at dumping. Additionally, the enhancing macroeconomics coupled with growing number… Read More »

Different Developing Trends In Car Finance Market Outlook: Ken Research

The Car finance is delivered by financing syndicates or specialist car manufacturers.  It includes innumerable financial products such as loans & leases, which allows trades to obtain a car. Moreover, the car finance products & services are mainly distributed through original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), banks, credit unions, brokers, and many other financial institutions. Furthermore, the… Read More »