Global Municipal Firefighting Trucks Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now The fire truck’s primary role encompasses bringing firefighters to an emergency scene to smother the fire with water or with any chemical conformation. Moreover, they are remunerated by government agencies for medical emergency care and liberation operations. The Material innovation and technological improvements in the field of fire appliances and linked equipment have… Read More »

Covid-19 On Global In-Vehicle Emergency Calling Market: Ken Research

Buy Now The Emergency call systems enable passengers to alert crash emergency services through a manual generate or automated crash fitting; they are becoming progressively popular for automobile producers to both comply with monitoring legislation and augment the peace of mind of consumers. The emergency call in-vehicle system is an emergency system that comprises of… Read More »

KSA Automotive Industry | KSA Automotive Market | Covid-19 Impact on KSA Automotive Industry: Ken Research

Buy Now KSA Automotive Industry: Overview & Ecosystem Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, currently enjoys a strategic position in terms of geography & development of industries with growing economy & improving trade participation in the world. Their automotive industry provides opportunity of high growth with the absence of domestic manufacturing & core dependence on imports for… Read More »

Extreme Competition among The Top Logistics Players In KSA In Transportation And Other Services Of Logistics Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Introduction The Logistics denote the entire process of managing how resources are obtained, stored, and transported to their final destination. Logistics management involves identifying prospective distributors and suppliers and formative their effectiveness and approachability. Nonetheless, logistics are the management of the course of things between the point of origin and the point of intake… Read More »

COVID-19 Impact On Power Train Components Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now The Automobile power train is principally accountable for the power assignment from the transmission to the wheels. The automotive power train is created up of several components involving drive shafts, discrepancies, CV joints, U joints, and shafts with axles. All such are well-known as the vehicle’s power train when straddling. The choice of the type… Read More »

Future Growth of Indonesia Logistics Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Overview The term logistics is commonly the detailed organization and the acceptance of a critical function. It denotes the movement of the goods and information among the provider and receiver. In addition, logistics is the administration of the flow of things among the point of beginning and the point of consumption in order… Read More »

Different Innovations And Growth In Trends Of UAE Logistics Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Overview The Logistics market has been substantially impacted by the overview and usage of new technologies. Some of fresh technologies in logistics market are worldwide positioning system (GPS), order entry systems, warehouse management systems, transmitting communication system, the Internet of Things, automated transportation and comparable futuristic innovations, and transportation management system (TMS) amongst… Read More »

KSA Automotive Industry Showing Promising Growth of ~12% (2014-2019) Via Efforts of Domestic Dealers Helping in Promoting OEM Brands by Local Retail Network: Ken Research

Buy Now Saudi Arabia’s automotive market faced a decline in new car sales due to tripling of value-added tax (VAT) rates. Effective in July 1, 2020, Saudi Arabia hiked its VAT from 5% to 15%. Vision 2030 trying to attract foreign investment to kick start Dammam manufacturing city to aid re-exports & fulfill domestic demand… Read More »

Covid-19 Impact On Global Automotive Instrumentation Display Market: Ken Research

Buy Now The Digital instrument display suggests appealing and unswerving information warns the driver when driving. A simple information presentation is important when driving to safeguard a secure and satisfying ride. The instrument display incorporates information from dissimilar parts of the vehicle and presents it in front of the driver. Digital instrument clusters are prevailed in a… Read More »