North America Mobile Money Industry Review to 2019 – Driven by Collaborations and Increasing Interest in NFC Payments

North America Mobile Money Industry Review to 2019 – Driven by Collaborations and Increasing Interest in NFC Payments provides an in-depth analysis of the Mobile Money Industry and covers specific insights on the market size in terms of global mobile money market value, region and product wise segmentation, value chain analysis, business models, recent trends and developments and future outlook of the mobile money Industry at the global and regional level. The report also entails a description of the prominent and emerging geographic markets of the region including the US and Canada.

Mobile Money Market USThe value of the mobile money transactions in North America has expanded at a CAGR of 35.8% over the period of 2009-2014. The numbers have escalated from USD ~ billion in 2014, growing from just USD ~ billion in 2009. North America mobile payment market is extremely fragmented featured with technological splits and battling business models. The mobile transactions are gaining crucial momentum in the market although the initial uptake of the mobile payment services in the region was less aggressive as compared to the European markets.

The mobile payments service sector is still in the initial growth stages in this region and has started picking up only recently in the US with the launch of Apple Pay in October, 2014. The growth of mobile payments has long been withheld by the slow pace of NFC adoption and adversarial negotiations among various stakeholders which failed to reach to a consensus on a possible deployment strategy. This has led to the influx of diverse and competing technological payment options which has made the landscape of mobile payments extremely cluttered. The rising interest shown by Canadian mobile subscribers is anticipated to provide impetus to the mobile payments market in Canada, where many pilot models are being tested for the commercial launch of the mobile payment services. The mobile money market in Canada is relatively very small as compared to the US.

The increasing popularity of NFC, primarily backed by the products such as Google Wallet, Softcard and others will also help in surging the market value of mobile payments and m-wallet industry in the coming years. The market is expected to establish itself supported by the necessary infrastructure deployment of POS terminals by major retail outlets in the countries. With the rise in the adoption of NFC mobile payments, it is expected that paradigm behind the increase in payment volumes and operational efficiencies brought about by NFC-capable point-of-sale readers will be able to offset the investment on setting up this infrastructure.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • The market size of the Global Mobile Money Market by Transaction Value
  • Global Market Segmentation by Geographies covering Asia Pacific, Africa, North America, Latin America and Middle East
  • The market size of the North America Mobile Money Payment Market by transaction value
  • Market Segmentation of North America mobile money market by countries, source of funding, remote and proximity payments, macro and micropayments, and purpose of payments
  • Market Size of the US Mobile Money Industry by Transaction Value
  • Market Segmentation of the US Mobile Money Industry by source of funding, remote and proximity payments and macro and micropayments
  • Consumer Profile and Usage Patterns of Mobile Money in the US
  • Overview and Market Size of Mobile Money Industry in Canada
  • Trends and Developments in the US and North America, Business models and Value Chain Analysis
  • Competitive Landscape of major players in North America and product profiles of major offerings
  • Future Outlook and Projections of the US and North America Mobile Money Industry



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