Rising Working Population to Boost Demand for Facial Care Products in Netherlands Skincare Market : Ken Research

  • The middle class Dutch look for efficacious skincare products to make the complicated skincare regime easy
  • The expected boost in the market will be triggered by Facial Care industry as the biggest contributor and Makeup Remover as the fastest

Ken Research recently published a report on Consumer and Market Insights: Skincare in the Netherlands’ which discuss skin care market by major product type, by leading players, distribution channels and consumer trends.  and the report sheds light on how the existing players can use this information to gain the competitive edge in the market. Additionally, major trends and drivers have also been covered, describing the market penetration and future potential of each product segment.

The rich economy of Netherlands is robustly supported by its service sector comprising of about 80% of its labor force that makes up for more than two thirds of the nation’s GDP. This office going category of the population looks for products that have anti-aging formulas.  Also as the consumers’ buying patterns evolve in this rapidly advancing technological age, there has been a shift to people researching about the product before actually buying it. It makes them more concerned about whether the product will be able to deliver what it promises and hence makes the market even more competitive. The market share of personalized skin care products is also expected to soar.

As the Dutch skincare industry and the economy itself is expected to remain healthy in the near future, the players seeking to enter can exploit this market by fine tuning their market segmentation strategies and distribution channels. Targeting the growing ageing population by providing them with anti ageing products and using the supermarket or hypermarket channels for distribution can lead to successful implementation of revenue generating strategies as they will help the players make their products  better accessible to consumers through market penetration that reaches to the very bottom bracket of their customer base. The existing firms can take advantage of high research and development by catering to the topmost bracket of the customers using their personalized skincare products. This will ensure that the products reach to the large lower income group of the economy at an affordable price and reach the smaller larger income group of the population at a higher price. The pricing strategy turns out to be progressive in that sense.

The Netherlands Skincare market is forecast to register growth in value as well as volume terms during 2015-2020. The Facial Care category will have the largest volume share while Make-Up Remover category is projected to witness fastest growth during 2015-2020. Busy Dutch consumers look for products that simplify their Skincare regime by saving them time and effort, such as On-The-Go products. Facial Care is the leading category in value terms while Make-Up Remover will register fastest growth during 2015-2020. Hypermarkets & Supermarkets is the leading distribution channel in the Netherlands Skincare market

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • Value and Volume analysis of the Dutch Skincare market
  • Details of Retailing Scenario and Key Distribution Channels
  • Consumer trend configuration
  • Penetration by Private labels and brands
  • Segment analysis for categories
  • Details of leading retailers in Netherlands
  • Average level pricing by category
  • Key drivers to influence consumption
  • Details of the Packaging analysis

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Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications

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