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The Tourism Sector In France Shows Dismal Growth : Ken Research

Ken research announced recent publication on “Source market insights : France”. The report gives a comprehensive analysis on the French outbound tourism sector.  It delineates about  historic and expected tourist volumes,  tourist spending pattern,  expenditure, airline, hotel, car rental, and travel intermediaries industries  among others.  This  report provides a better  understanding on the market trends and drivers

Food, fashion and landscape define France. In 2012, with a record 85.7 million visitors France became the most sought after destination for tourists and generates  the third largest income in the world from tourism.  The tourism industry contributes about 9% to the French GDP and generates an good amount of employment for the natives. Apart for tourism, the nation is one of the largest importer and exporter in the world, a well developed chemical industry and a strong service sector

France is one of the highly populated nations of the world.  It is difficult to accurately determine the demographic divide in France as it prohibited to conduct state wide census. The population growth in France is amongst the highest in the world. The birthrate exceeds the death rate by considerable amount. The nation receives a huge amount of migrants as well.  The nation has a relatively older population with 20% of people above the age of 65 years.

In the recent past , the economy of the nation is slumping. The world’s sixth largest economy has one of the highest unemployment in the western Europe. One in four youth is unemployed . The French finances are weak, the economic growth is a mere 0.5%,and the interest rate is at rock bottom . The reasons are deep seated. With a taxation rate going as high as 75%, the incentive to work, save and  invest is falling, creating a vicious cycle of economic depression. Further, the increase in the strikes by the workers in lieu of labour reforms have obstructed  the recovery measures. Also, the industrial growth is gloomy and the ratio to public debt is quite high.

This all has affected the tourism industry of France as well. For the last year France registered a significant fall in the footfall of tourist .  A fall in income among the French natives coupled with strike of workers and floods is a major deterrent for the tourist.  Another important factor is the rise in the terrorist attack which has instilled fear in many which has led to fall in foot fall of the tourists.

Companies Covered

Air France, Ryanair

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France Tourism Industry Research Report

France Travel And Tourism Market Outlook

France Inbound Tourists

France Outbound Tourists

France Hospitality Industry

Hotel Industry France

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