India Bath and Shower: A Mature Market with Little Scope of Growth in Urban Areas

These days, people not only want hygiene from their bath and shower products, but also wants skin-care and fragrance. Because of this, companies in Indian bath and shower market are coming up with new products every now and then.

Bath and shower products in India are in very high demand these days and this market segment is growing very rapidly. Products like body wash, shower gel, soap and other hygiene products are seeing some significant growth in sales. People in India are becoming more and more conscious about hygiene and are demanding affordable products to take care of self and their families. Also, demand for organic products is one the rise and people are demanding products which take care of their health and hygiene and contain more natural ingredients and less of chemicals. Since people living in large cities face a lot of pollution, these hygiene products are in very high demand in urban areas.

According to the market research report “Bath and Shower in India“, bath and shower products market in India can be categorised into various product segments like bar soaps, bath additives, body wash/shower gel, intimate hygiene, liquid soap and talcum powder. Hindustan Unilever is the leading player in this segment with its well known facts like Lifebuoy, Lux, Dove, Pears, Hamam, Pond’s, Liril and Breeze. With consumers now demanding add on features from these products, companies are coming up with new innovative products like Dove Go Fresh Nourishing Body Wash, Lifebuoy Lemon Fresh Body Wash, Nivea for Men Vitality Fresh Shower Gel, Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash and Fiama Di Wills Peach and Avocado Deep Moisturise Shower Gel.

In near future, the market is expected to see some downfall in sales, as the bath and shower market in India is mature with little scope to grow. Products like talcum powder and bar soaps are expected to show poor performance as consumers are moving towards alternative products like deodorants, shower gels, etc. Still, with companies evolving their products constantly, this slow growth can be expected to go away and market can be seen growing again in sometime.

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