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Malaysia Tiles Market is driven by Rising Popularity of Modern Houses & Growth in Export Sales to Other Countries: Ken Research

Consumer preference from ceramic to porcelain coupled with stiff competition from substitutes has amplified the size of the Malaysia Tiles Industry.

The report titled “Malaysia Tiles Market by Type (Floor Tile, Wall Tile and roof Tile), by Material/Process (Porcelain, Ceramic and Others) – Outlook to 2021”  by Ken Research suggests a robust CAGR of 13.9% in revenue in the Malaysian tiles market in the next 5 years till 2021.

Houses in Malaysia have evolved over the years owing to the changing requirements of the population. With development in the construction sector, the house structures have also changed. The traditional Malay houses did not require tiles to be applied on floors, walls or roof. The traditional houses were divided into areas rather than rooms and had different flooring such as cemented flooring or stone flooring. The modern houses in the country include terrace houses, townhouse, semi detached, bungalow, apartments, flats, condominiums and others. The modern houses coupled with people preference for aesthetic beauty and value for money has made tiles as a choice for flooring and wall application thus affecting the tile industry in Malaysia positively.

Malaysians customers are price sensitive and hence do not weigh other parameters highly such as quality of tile. For the same reason, the big players focus on export-oriented growth with better quality tiles. Export quality tiles are thicker and the prices of the tiles exported are higher. Industry is export driven and majority of the tiles manufactured especially by major players are exported. Local unorganized players fulfill the local demand as these players concentrate on the domestic market. Raw materials are procured domestically as well as imported. For the same reason, the industry has sustained due to local presence of porcelain and ceramics. However, few types of clay have become obsolete and a lot of research is being conducted by various companies for identifying some solid waste to substitute those materials that are being imported. Other than the raw material procured domestically, it is imported from Europe and China.

Porcelain tiles are new in market compared to the ceramic tiles and with time, the trend is shifting towards purchase of porcelain tiles for wall and floors. These tiles can be used for both inside and outside the building application which is not the case for other tiles. They can be used on floors and exterior walls. Porcelain has various properties that make it a preferred choice for customers such as low water absorption rate, design versatility, little maintenance; greater stain resistance, high durability and density which make it more suitable for customers to purchase it.

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