Growth in Construction Industry Expected to Drive World Post-Tensioning System Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

According to study, “World Post-Tensioning System Market Research Report 2024(Covering USA, Europe, China, Japan, SEA and India)” the key companies operating in the world post-tensioning system market are VSLInternational Ltd., Suncoast Post-Tension, Freyssinet, Amsysco Inc., SRG Ltd., Tendon Systems LLC, BBV Systems GmbH, TMG Global Pte Ltd., Kaifeng Tianli, Liuzhou OVM Machinery Co., Ltd., DYWIDAG-Systems International, VLM, DSI, Traffic Prestreed, AYM, QMV.

Global Post-Tensioning System Market Research Report

Post-tensioning is a technique of reinforcing or strengthening concrete and other materials with high-strength steel strands or bars, usually referred to as tendons. It is a system of choice for parking structures as it allows a high degree of flexibility in column layout, span lengths & ramp configurations. Post-tensioned parking garages are either stand-alone structures or one & more floors in an office or residential building. It allows bridges to be constructed to very demanding geometry requirements, with variable super elevation, complex curves, and significant grade changes. It also allows very long span bridges to be built without the use of temporary intermediate supports. This minimizes the influence on the environment and avoids disruption to water & road traffic below. In stadiums, it allows long clear extents and very creative architecture. Post-tensioned rock & soil anchors are used in tunneling & slope stabilization and as tie-backs for excavations. It is used to produce virtually crack-free concrete for water-tanks.

The key benefits are quicker construction, reduction in slab thickness, high deflection limitations, reduction in slab weight, high repeatability from floor to floor or quick rotation of form works, larger spans, reduction in steel reinforcement & arrangement simplification, material savings, reduced lifetime costs, and increased performance.

Based on type, post-tensioning system market is segmented into bonded post-tensioning system and un-bonded post-tensioning system. Bonded systems are used in bridges, both in the superstructure (the roadway) and in cable-stayed bridges & cable-stays. In un-bonded construction, plastic sheathing acts as a bond breaker between concrete and the prestressing strands, which provides protection against damage through mechanical handling and serves as a barrier that prevents moisture & chemicals from reaching the strand. Based on materials & components, market is segmented into ducts, anchorages & associated hardware, pre stressing steel, and grout. Based on duct & tendon installation, market is segmented into tendon testing on site, shop drawings, duct & anchor installation, tendon installation, jacking methods, jacks & other stressing equipment, stressing operations and stressing problems & solutions. In addition, based on application, market is segmented into buildings, energy & power industry, bridge, and others. In building construction, post-tensioning allows thinner slabs (less concrete), longer clear spans, fewer beams & more slender and dramatic elements.

The post-tensioning system market is driven by growth in the construction & infrastructure industry, followed by government safety regulations, growth in proposals for smart cities along with energy-efficient structures and advancements in the technology. However, high costs of post-tensioning systems may impact the market. Moreover, stiffness post-tensioning systems and development of such systems with high strength & rigidity are key opportunities for market.

Based on geography, China country holds major share in post-tensioning system market owing to financial support from the governments and construction of infrastructural facilities in the country. It is expected that future of the market will be bright due to rise in construction industries around the world over the forecast period.

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Global Post-Tensioning System Market Research Report

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