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A Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy is a strategy designed to successfully launch a product or service to market. GTM is applied for new products entering an existing market or existing products entering a new market and new products testing-out their market for growth. It further identifies a right target audience which comprises of marketing plan and with appropriate sales strategy. This is also assists company or organization aim to bring a product to market. The strategy includes the handy roadmap measuring the viability/capability of a solution’s success and predicting the performance based on prior experience, market research, and competitive data. Our Go to Market Strategy includes some core components such as market definition, distribution model, customers, price and product messaging & positioning.

Ken Research is a market research company. We provide Go to Market Strategy for a range of events, such as launching novel products/services, introducing current product to new market and re-launching company or brand. Our GTM strategy assist a business to clarify why launching new product, understand who the product is for, and generate a plan to engage with the client and convince them to buy the product/service. These GTM strategies are generally used to create some benefits within an organization. These benefits includes reduced the time to market for product or services, clearly defines plan & direction for all stakeholders, enhanced ability to react to changes & customer desires, decreased likelihood of extra costs generated by failed product launches, increased chances of successful product launch, ensured creation of an effective client experience, established growth path and guaranteed regulatory compliance. As per the go-to-market strategy, clients provided with details about products and strategy by various channels. The distribution channel consists of entities such as wholesalers, retailers, distributors, and even the internet. It includes the plan for targeting the customer pain point with the right sales and the marketing strategy designed to grow business at most optimum pace. Additionally, it also describes the product brand development, Industry Competitive Positioning Strategies that are the key element that help to analyzing the outcome of the content marketing plans, pricing & distribution plans and influencer marketing tactics. Some of the core elements of competitive market positioning statement consist of critique identity against the competitors, outlining the existing market position, understanding the conditions of the marketplace, developing a unique market position and qualitative & quantitative testing of market position.

A Go to Market Strategy is something that is designed to constantly change & adapt as per market conditions, therefore organization need to have deep understanding of the present & future market conditions. Moreover, it is vital to analyze the market trends that may impact the launch and product success. The other important component for the got to market strategy is the product pricing that reflects key aspects of customer choice, other aspects related to use strategies such as PR, marketing, and sales. All these strategies must be analyzed appropriately. We provide the go-to-market strategy aiming to provide the cost optimization solutions and demonstrating the product, that in turn assist to improve customer experience.

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