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Field sale is a type of sales process in which representatives go out in the market & sell customers directly. The field sales representatives are able to identify prospects, pursue the leads, making contact, and ultimately closing the deal. Some of the key benefits associated to field sales includes the selling more, building strong customer relationships, presentations & demos which makes better impact on customers, it also act as an effective source of customer data & feedback and ideal for the businesses that have complex sales cycles. The Field Ready Sales Plan facilitate in defining the set of sales targets for all sorts of business, choosing of right sales approaches the target market, identify sales tactics for the sales team, activate-motivate & focus on the sales team, budget & clarify steps to achieve the targets and review the goals periodically & improve approaches to the sales.

Field Ready Sales PlanKen research is a market research firm. We know how to measure the lifetime value of a client. We focus on retaining existing customers as well as acquiring new ones. Customer retention defines our company’s ability to retain customers over a definite period of time. Customer retention rate is a vital metric that highlights the amount to which a company understands & serves its clients. Customer retention is a measurement of a growth mindset, whereas Customer Retention Strategy is the means of engaging individual in order to build strong and lasting relationships that promote the customer loyalty.

Ken Research has many customer retention strategies to improve the sales. These customer retention strategies have many stages such as financial bond, structural bond, social bond, and customization bond. Few Customer Retention Strategy includes form customer councils, run contextual in-app surveys, preview & validate new features, onboard new customers, utilize product announcements, offer multi-channel support, set cleat expectations, act of customer feedback, start a customer loyalty program, trigger emails to bring back inactive users, send customer satisfaction surveys, incentives customers with referral programs, use the element of surprise, publicly acknowledge your mistake, use a discount to re-engage first time buyers, empower customers with self-serve resource and others. Best customer retention strategies are basically built on widespread knowledge about our customers. The key approach to delight or engage our customers is by knowing how they mark and what brings value to the customer journey. We use accurate CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform and business intelligence platforms to discover various useful insights related to buying patterns, shopping & communication preferences and so on.

We support you catalogue Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business –to-Customer (B2C) market opportunities that can be leveraged by your commercial proficiencies. Our Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy will assistance your business win across favorable geographies, with restructured operating models, Industry Potential Business Model, pinpointed pricing strategy, intensified sales capacity, products & solutions, effective marketing competences and many more. Business model is a frame to find an organized way to unlock the enduring value for a business while delivering value to the customers and capturing that value through monetization strategies.

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