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Procurement Market Research majorly refers to the method or act of locating or gaining services for a company or business. Company largely uses the term procurement referring to the actual purchasing of goods or services in the business, while others refer to the entire method or process which helps in the purchase.

As the name suggests, Procurement involves two companies or entities; namely buyer and seller. But it is the act of buying is largely called as procurement and not the actions of the seller.

Procurement is usually a part of the input to a company that then uses the goods or services procured in the making of their own final product. This makes it a very vital function of any business. It is important to the success of the buyer’s business to procure the best quality of goods or services procured at the most competitive rates.

Some of the key activities that procurement involves include:

  • Supplier Identification
  • Supplier Shortlisting for RFP Process
  • NDA Approval & Technical Documentation
  • Detailed RFP Process
  • Supplier Evaluation & Recommendations

Ken Research’s Procurement and Supply Chain Intelligence aid procurement teams globally, to manage fast evolving supply-demand situations, disruptive trends, consolidating diverse information sources with an objective of streamlining supply chain dynamics for companies. Also, our company provides the Best Cost Country Sourcing Model for its client to ease down the process of procurement and enable the client to increase its profitability in the business.

Supply Chain Practice and solutions

Our company closely works with the team of our clients and assist them with a tailor made solution which will enable them to address specific client issues, perspectives and budgets.

Our company has a forte in conducting the Manufacturing Procurement Research coupled with the end-user segments and the availability of suppliers across various geographies. The procurement strategy adopted by our company in the manufacturing sector helps the client by suggesting various strategies such as Raw Material Sourcing Strategy and Raw Material Pricing Analysis which will provide the industrial equipment manufacturers to have a number of opportunities to increase their profit margins and achieve improved cost savings through optimized procurement in manufacturing industry.

On the other hand, Ken Research also offers client support in Supply Chain Practice and solutions as well; as the company has a huge employee base of analysts at its place around the globe which enables them to offer an added advantage to its clients that the company is 24hrs working and always ready to take query of its client and helps them in assisting all sorts of ways available to them.

Therefore, a client can seek for the best result driven projects through Ken Research and can easily over power the job to our end. Some of the major solutions which have been offered by our company include category diagnosis, supplier benchmarking, procurement analytics, risk analytics, support services and many more. Also, our company provides its expertise in major sectors such as Metal and Alloys, Plastics and Composites, Agro Commodities, Energy and Utilities, Engineering and Construction, Flexible Packaging Industry and Process Speciality, Logistics and Warehousing, Pharma Material and Formulations, and many more.

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