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Market survey is the survey research and analysis of the market for a precise product/service which embraces the investigation into the customer inclinations. A study of numerous customer capabilities such as investment characteristics and buying potential. Market surveys are tools to directly gather the feedback from the target audience to appreciate their characteristics, expectations, and requirements.

Marketers develop new and exhilarating strategies for forthcoming products/services but there can be no assurance about the accomplishment of these strategies. For these to be successful, marketers should determine the category and structures of products/services that the target audiences will willingly accept. By doing so, the achievement of a new avenue can be assured.

Most marketing managers depend on Global market Survey Company to gather information that would catalyse the market research procedure. Also, the feedback gained from these surveys can be contributory in product marketing and feature improvement. Market surveys gather the data about a target market such as pricing trends, customer requirements, competitor analysis, and several other such details.

Why to Choose Ken Research?

  • Flexibility: Flexibility in type of questions (Ranking, Image Type, Rating, Scoring, Open Ended Single Line or Multi Line, Weights, Multi-Choice, dropdown, Image Type, NPS, Slider Scale, Matrix Choice and conditional questions). Additionally, our team can help you with survey design and research methodology.
  • Multi-Channel: We link several target groups through the multiple models involving SMS, email, Social-Media, and several others.
  • Proactive: Survey updates are proficiently share with you on day-to-day basis through your dashboard.
  • Geography Agnostic: We have functioned across countries involving India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China and numerous others. For Local language competency, we have our empanelled local partners / translators to connect with the respondents.
  • Data Authenticity and Security: Privacy policy safeguard the respondents, while IP tracing aid the client to crisscross for authenticity. Our analyst maintains utmost privacy as per the NDA.
  • Network Association with Industry Experts: Our database involves extremely skilled and qualified contact which allows us to target the accurate respondents.

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Determination of Market Survey

  • Gain critical customer feedback: The major determination of the market survey by major market survey companies is to propose the marketing and business managers a platform to obtain critical data about their consumers so that prevailing customers can be reserved and new ones can be got onboard.
  • Understand customer disposition towards purchasing products: Details such as whether the consumers will spend a certain amount of money for their products/services, disposition levels among consumers about upcoming features or products, what are their thoughts about the contestant products etc.
  • Enhance prevailing products and services: A market survey can also be executed with the purpose of improving prevailing products, analyse customer satisfaction levels along with getting data about their insight of the market and build a buyer persona utilizing the information from prevailing the clientele database.
  • Make well-informed business decisions: Data gathered utilizing the market surveys is instrumental in making foremost changes in the business which decreases the degree of risks included in taking imperative business decisions.

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