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How Google and IBM Watson Started AI Revolution in US? : Ken Research

Google has invested $30 billion towards developing its search engine & Google Assistant. Moreover, companies like Google & IBM are playing a key role in facilitating AI related start-ups make it big in AI market.

Google & IBM are two leading players in the United States Artificial Intelligence market. Both these companies have massively invested in the market, not only for themselves, but also to ensure other AI-related start-ups & companies are thriving. Thereby, increasing their own customer base as well.

Story Outline

  • IBM Watson’s Natural language processing services have enabled significant cost savings & data security for companies processing large volumes of documents with advanced features like content mining & keypoint analysis
  • Google’s massive investment in AI, amounting to 7 million dollars have fuelled innovation in various domains including search, mobile apps & healthcare. They have also invested in start-ups to expand their customer base.
  • Both Google & IBM offer AI powered solutions for cybersecurity & customer experience. IBM provides AI based cybersecurity solutions while Google offers Cloud Security Workbench & other AI models to tackle security threats.
  • According to Ken Research, the US artificial intelligence market is expected to reach more than 100 billion towards 2028, owing to digitalization & a significant reliance on AI-integrated systems for analyzing large amount of data & improving operational efficiency.

1. IBM Watson & Google Transforming Industries with Advanced NLP

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Natural language is a smooth interface where humans & machines can understand each other’s language, which involves speech recognition & voice generation. One of the companies which used Natural Language Processing (NLP) by IBM Watson, was able to 600,000 documents & could save $10 USD million dollars of time, while also keeping the data safe.

IBM NLP’s service includes Content mining, smart document understanding, keypoint analysis, to name a few things. These services can be used individually too & can be integrated easily into the daily workflow.

For Google’s Natural Language Processing, their research focuses on extracting algorithms which can be applied at scale across languages & domains to change user’s experience in search, mobile apps, ads, translations etc. across Google.

Some of the key features in Google’s NLP include: AutoML for high quality machine learning models; Natural Language API for understanding with the help of sentiment analysis, entity sentiment analysis, content classification & syntax analysis; Healthcare Natural Language API to take out machine learning insights from medical documents.

2. Google & IBM’s Massive AI Investments to Fuel Innovation

Artificial Intelligence USA marketGoogle is one of the biggest players in AI markets, not just in the US, but across the world. In 2022, they have invested about $30.7 billion in AI for improving its search engine & other products like Google Assistant. The company has been investing in various start-ups. In February 2023, Google had invested $300 million Anthropic, with its money & computing power towards the booming generation of AI companies. They’ve initiated these investments in such companies, to increase their customer base.On the other hand, IBM had invested $200 million in 2021 to develop it’s AI assistant Watson & deliver insights from billions of sensors in cars, drones, machines, ball bearing, equipment etc. In 2023, a $102 million AI investment supported by IBM was developed. This investment reportedly stood in tough competition to OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

According to Ken Research, the US Artificial Intelligence Market , is expected to reach more than 100 billion towards 2028 because of digitalization & a significant reliance on AI-integrated systems for analyzing large amount of data & improving operational efficiency.

3. AI Powered Solutions by Google & IBM lead the way to Cybersecurity

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As artificial intelligence is getting more traction across the United States, one needs to make sure that their data is safe from data breaches & cyber-attacks. IBM provides cybersecurity through AI-based solutions like IBM Security Q-Radar SOAR, IBM Security Q-Radar SIEM etc. which provide effective insights & right actions to counter cyber threat.

In 2023, Google announced Cloud Security Workbench, a cybersecurity suite powered by specialized AI model called Sec-PaLM, which was made to resolve security cases, along with Mandiant Threat Intelligence AI, a Google property which will find, summaries & act on security threats.

VirusTotal, another Google property helps in analysing & explaining behavior of malicious scripts. Tackling security-related threats will allow the AI market to grow.

4. AI Powered Solutions by Google & IBM for Best Customer Experience

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Google has launched Cloud Center AI to leverage personalized customer management for any organization, extending the ability to offer services through a human agent, virtual agent or both. This helps in resolving data fragmentation & providing personalized, flexible support.

For customer experience, IBM has Watson Speech to Text, which uses AI technology to understand the customer’s voice & turn it into usable, searchable text in real time. The benefits of this AI tool include call transcription, seamless conversation & speedy live agent call resolution.

Tools like these are helping businesses to deliver to their customer’s expectations & offer quality services.


The revolutionary advancements by Google & IBM Watson have reshaped industries, enabling efficient data analysis, cost savings & enhanced customer experience. Both companies have made massive AI investments to drive innovation & expand their reach, leading the way in cybersecurity solutions to protect against data breaches & security threats. With these tools by Google & IBM, businesses can easily provide personalized, high quality, driving growth & meeting expectations.

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Artificial Intelligence USA Market

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