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How Continental & Sensata is redefining the US TPMS Market with Innovation & Sustainability: Ken Research

Sensata & Continental place full emphasis on providing technological advancements to a large section of the country, while keeping sustainable practices in mind.

Advancements in TPMS technology have brought about direct and indirect systems, with Continental AG leading the way with battery-mounted rim sensors for accurate inflation measurement. With a legacy spanning 25 years, Sensata Technologies boasts over 500 million TPMS installations globally, offering revolutionary solutions like Bluetooth-enabled Low Energy communication, tire-mounted hardware, and virtual sensors that transcend pressure and temperature monitoring.

Story Outline

  • Sensata & Continental have pioneered direct and indirect TPMS systems, with Continental AG’s battery-mounted rim sensors and Sensata Technologies’ innovative offerings, which Bluetooth-enabled communication and virtual sensors, revolutionizing pressure and temperature monitoring.
  • Continental AG offers Repair Parts and Workshop Equipment, while Sensata Technologies leads in sensor-based solutions. Their diagnostic and safety-focused products, including engine and tire pressure sensors, highlight their commitment to enhance vehicle safety, and sustainability.
  • Continental focuses on sustainability through carbon neutrality, emission-free mobility, and circular economy principles. Sensata’s environmentally conscious product designs like Brake Pedal Force Sensors and Absolute Encoders, demonstrate their dedication to reducing emissions, through the circular economy.

According to Ken Research, the US Automotive Tire Pressure Management System market is expected to reach $6 billion, by 2028 because of government policies ensuring the TPMS system is installed in every personal & commercial vehicle.

1. From Continental’s Direct System to Sensata’s High Tech Evolution

Sensata Technologies Company Growth

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There have been advancements in technology in TPMS systems which includes the direct TPMS system & indirect TPMS system. For passenger cars, Continental AG had invented direct measurement systems which had battery sensors which was mounted on the rim & integrated into the valve which measured the inflation pressure & sends a high frequency signal to the receiver.

Sensata Technologies has been providing tire management solutions for the automotive industry in 25 years. They have more than 500 million TPMS installed across the world. As a leading provider, they offer innovative technology like Bluetooth enabled Low energy communication, tire-mounted sensing hardware & virtual sensors, enabling beyond pressure & temperature.

2. Continental AG and Sensata Technologies Redefine Aftermarket Potential

Sensata Technologies Aftermarket Services

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The aftermarket segment presents growth opportunities, as existing vehicle owners refit their vehicles with TPMS systems. Continental AG offers Repair Parts of top quality with easy installations, Workshop Equipment with innovative diagnostic solutions & high-quality professional tools, Diagnostic Solutions which make auto service faster & accurate & Special Vehicle Solutions.

Sensata Technologies has led the market in sensor & sensor-based solutions for controllers, software & other mission critical products. With the mission of increasing performance, safety & reducing emissions, the sensors & switches can detect controls for engine, exhaust after treatment, chassis, tire pressure monitoring & safety.

According to Ken Research, the US Automotive Tire Pressure Management System market is expected to reach $6 billion, by 2028 because of government policies ensuring the TPMS system is installed in every personal & commercial vehicle.

3. Sensata & Continental Drive Innovation with Auto Manufacturers with TPMS Excellence

Sensata’s OEM Services

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Building strong relationship with vehicle manufacturers is crucial for TPMS suppliers. Towards the end of 2022, Sensata Technologies introduced new Tire Mounted sensors deliver additional sensing capabilities, tire identification & life time data continuity to provide benefits to drivers & tires OEM.

Continental AG supports various automotive brands for 15 years where they not only serve the premium & niche markets, but also serve volume manufacturers as service providers & extended workbench for special tasks, as they provided with know-how, continuity & flexibility to their customers.

4. TPMS Innovations by Continental & Sensata Driving Sustainability

Sensata Technologies Sustainability Report (2021)

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As sustainability becomes important in today’s environment, TPMS systems can contribute to fuel efficiency & reduced carbon emissions by maintaining proper tire pressure. Continental AG focuses on 4 areas of sustainability which includes: Carbon neutrality, Emission free mobility & industry, Circular economy & Responsible Value Chain.

Sensata Technologies provides technological solutions, keeping in mind sustainable choices which will protect the environment. The products include Brake Pedal Force Sensor, H25 Series Absolute Encoder, AJ11 Joysticks etc. The company believe in circular economy wherein they design products to optimize & increase the lifespan of their customers through reduced emissions & waste.


Continental AG and Sensata Technologies have stood as trailblazers in TPMS innovation. They’re pioneering direct and indirect systems to showcase their commitment to revolutionize tire management. As sustainability gains paramount importance, their cutting-edge solutions not only enhance vehicle performance and safety but also contribute to a greener future. Through strong manufacturer relationships and a focus on sustainability, these industry leaders are shaping a more efficient, connected, and eco-conscious automotive world.

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