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FlashParking & TIBA Solutions Dominates the $9 Billion US Parking Management Market.

Both companies offer innovative services when it comes to providing real-time insights about the occupancy of a parking sites & facilitating the parking process through relevant mobile applications.

In the ever-evolving landscape of parking management, innovation and efficiency takes center stage through the remarkable partnership of FlashParking and TIBA Solutions. With their dedication to revolutionizing parking solutions, these industry leaders bring forth a transformative approach to access control, real-time insights, and user experience enhancement.

Story Outline

  • FlashParking & TIBA redefine parking management with tailored software and IoT driven systems. FlashParking’s cloud-operating system integrates tailored software, while TIBA uses IoT to increase user-friendly Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems.
  • FlashParking IQ provides instant revenue and occupancy insights. TIBA employs IoT for streamlined airport parking access and revenue management, reducing costs.
  • Flash & TIBA streamline access, while security is paramount with Azure & data policies. FlashParking prioritizes security with Microsoft Azure integration, while TIBA ensures privacy through data policies.
  • According to Ken Research, the US Parking Management market is expected to reach $9 billion in 2028, due to increasing population & different kinds of vehicles increasing in number, which demand different kinds of parking services for every parker.

1.Parking Perfected: Unleashing Innovation with FlashParking & TIBA Solutions

TIBA Parking Cloud Service Solutions & Maintenance

USA parking management industry

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FlashParking offers parking management systems for access & revenue control, valet & for events that require parking management software programs that are configured for each location. Once the physical hardware is installed, the functionality of parking management software directly into parking space location FlashOS, which is a cloud-operating system.

Similarly, TIBA Parking Solutions are also a leading manufacturer of Parking Access & Revenue Control Systems implementing latest cloud & processor techniques.

A highlight of TIBA’s Cloud Service involves the fact that the user can enjoy the benefits of latest software version without the hassles of upgrading. Using smart parking solutions improves customer experience & optimize parking space utilization.

2.Real-Time Insights with FlashParking IQ & IoT innovation by TIBA

FlashIQ dashboard

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FlashParking provides an intelligence solution named FlashParking IQ which provides real time insights like revenue & occupancy, knowing the health of an operator at a given site & reporting on custom locations groupings, which can be created to analyze regional movement trends, identify rural & suburban commute patterns & to highlight demand gaps.

TIBA Parking Solutions utilizes IoT services to develop innovative, centralized airport parking access & revenue management systems for the airport parking industry, resulting in reliable-user friendly products that lowers the price of initial acquisition & cost of ongoing maintenance.

According to Ken Research, the US Parking Management market is expected to reach $9 billion in 2028, due to increasing population & different kinds of vehicles increasing in number, which demand different kinds of parking services for every parker.

3.Mobile Access & Bluetooth Innovations with FLASH & TIBA apps

TIBA Control app features, by TIBA Parking Systems

Cloud parking management in us

Both the platforms provide easy access for their customers through their modern, tech savvy mobile platforms like FLASH app & Flash Valet app, for payment, validation & monthly parker access with a faster & user-friendly experience, while using technologies like Bluetooth.

TIBA Parking Solutions has a Mobile access for its monthly users where they can simply tap their phones & can seamlessly enter & exit the parking complex. It reduces the process of purchasing badges or tickets by simply enter, park & go. Apart from Mobile Access, there is Blue Access & Validation which facilitate parking management with a smartphone or Bluetooth connectivity.

4.FlashParking & TIBA- Where Security & Privacy Drive Innovation

Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) requirements

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Offering the highest level of security has been a top priority for FlashParking & they’ve built their platform on Microsoft Azure. The FlashOS platform provides a secure approach for payment processing which has made Flash an accredited provider of security services, as per the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards (DSS) requirements.

TIBA Parking Solutions is committed towards maintaining the privacy of its users- parking operators & their clients. These policies dictate how the information is collected & why is the information collected, how is the information used & their clients rights on how the information is collected. Every user of TIBA Parking Solutions is required to abide by the Privacy policy set by the company.


FlashParking’s cloud-operating system and TIBA’s IoT-driven advancements, they optimize parking space utilization and enhance customer experiences, by innovating hardware & software solutions. The emphasis on real-time insights, mobile access, and stringent security measures underscores their commitment to driving efficiency, convenience, and privacy in the evolving landscape of parking management. FlashParking and TIBA Solutions represent a synergy of cutting-edge parking management technologies.

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