Growing Landscape of Worldwide Biopesticides Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now According to the report analysis, ‘Global biopesticides market Size study, by type (bioinsecticides, bioherbicides, bionematicides, biofungicides and others) Source (microbial pesticides, biochemical pesticides, beneficial insects) Formulation (Dry and liquid), Application (seed treatment, soil treatment, foliar spray and post-harvest) Crop (cereals & grains, oilseeds & pulses, fruits & vegetables and other crops) and Regional… Read More »

Growing Landscape of Worldwide Agricultural Sprayers Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now The technological improvement has been supporting the worldwide agricultural sprayers market more significantly. For example, the drones are now utilized to spray separately from mapping and measuring. Enlightening agricultural drone technology is building it all possible. These leveraging of technologies has been demanded by pressing requirement for the food resulting from an escalating… Read More »

Indonesia Agrochemical Market will be Driven by Entry of New Players, Growing Pesticides Product Registrations and Increasing Awareness among Farmers on Pesticide Usage: Ken Research

Buy Now From the past 5 years, there has been very little growth in the area of arable land available in the country; however, the demand for food has been persistently increasing. This could result in a shift towards the adoption of more agrochemical product usage and mechanization in the farming process. In 2018, Indonesia… Read More »

Different Trends in Worldwide Agricultural Biologics Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now According to the report analysis, ‘Global Agricultural Biologics Market Size study, by type (biopesticides, biostimulants and biofertilizers) Source (microbials, biochemicals and others) Mode of application (foliar sprays, soil treatment and seed treatment) Application (cereals & grains, oilseeds & pulses, fruits & vegetables and other crop types) and Regional Forecasts 2018-2025’ states that in… Read More »

Insights of the Worldwide Biochar Fertilizer Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now The Biochar is an essential soil correction as it relinquishes every solitary poisonous component and sand adulterations from the grime. It envisions soil siphoning, manure overflow and retains up the succulence dimension of the dirt. It similarly confirms the harvests amid drafts and floods. By and by, the manufactured and several other bio-based… Read More »

Europe Agrochemical Market is Driven by Expansion of R&D Capacity of International Players and Rise in Demand of Biopesticides: Ken Research

Buy Now The report titled “Europe Agrochemical Market Outlook to 2025- By Herbicides (Based on Phenoxy-Phytohormones, Triazines, Carbamates), By Fungicides (Based on Inorganic, Benzimidazoles, Triazoles), By Insecticides (Based on Pyrethroids, Organophosphates, Carbamates), By Biopesticides (Bioherbicide, Bioinsecticide, Biofungicide), By Country (France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Poland), and By Application (Cereals, Fruits, Vegetables)” by Ken Research suggested that… Read More »

Increase in Need for Agriculture Output Anticipated to Drive Global Yield Booster Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Yield boosters are chemical compound that enhances product quality and marketability. It is designed & manufactured with the help of knowledge from Ayurveda and with base of plant extracts. It is very effective for the growth of healthy crops for better produce & increased yield. It is compatible with insecticide, chemical fertilizer and… Read More »

Indonesia Agrochemicals Industry Research Report: Ken Research

Buy Now How Is Indonesia Agrochemicals Market Positioned? The Indonesia Agrochemicals market is currently placed at the growth stage. The majority of the international players have their production plants located within Indonesia. The country mostly relies on imports for the procurement of active ingredients from other countries including the US, China, France, UK, and others. The import… Read More »

Indonesia Agrochemical Market is driven by Growing Demand for Bio-Based Agrochemicals, Entry of New National and International Players, Support from Government and Increasing Need to Improve Crop Yield: Ken Research

Buy Now “Migration of fall armyworm and other insect varieties coupled with frequent dry season prevalence in the country increased the demand for insecticides and herbicides in the country”.  Growing Demand for Bio Pesticides and Other Organic Products: The Integrated Pest Management Program in the country promotes prevention, monitoring and controlled use of pesticides in order to minimize… Read More »