Indian Insurance Aggregator Industry expected to be worth $621 Mn by FY’24: Ken Research

Buy Now The insurance aggregator industry in India started with the introduction of PolicyBazaar in 2008 and as at 31st July 2020, there were 23 aggregators operating in the industry. Aggregators have proven to be an alternative distribution channel for insurance policies of motor, health, life, term life and other products; as they allow the customers to compare… Read More »

Rise in Construction Activities Globally to Drive Construction Insurance Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Buy Now Construction insurance is a contingent claim set based on fixed payment in order to protect the interests of the parties involved in the construction project. The core function is designed to transfer certain the risks from the clients, contractors, subcontractors and the other parties involved in the construction project to insurers that provide… Read More »

Future Of India Dental Insurance Market Growth: Ken Research

Buy Now Insurance may be a contract type that’s represented by a policy. In insurance, a private or the entity receives financial reimbursement or protection just in case of loss over the insurance firm. Dental insurance may be a sort of insurance that covers dental health or the oral health of an individual. This insurance reimburses the dental costs incurred by… Read More »

What Indonesia Online Aggregators can learn from Global Players: Ken Research

Buy Now A proportion of the population still relies on traditional sources of financing including banks, friends, relatives & other informal channels owing to reasons such as limited accessibility to banking services, lack of financial awareness, lack of collateral, etc. These reasons prompt individuals to look for alternative sources of financing options. With an internet… Read More »

Indonesia Online Loan Aggregator Industry Outlook to 2024: Ken Research

Buy Now The publication titled ‘Indonesia Online Loan Aggregator Industry Outlook to 2024-Compelling Incumbents to pursue growth via Product Development & International Expansion’ undertakes an analysis of Indonesia’s socio-demographic, economic, banking & fintech outlook; overall lending & insurance scenario; gaps in traditional distribution models filled by an aggregator (financial marketplaces); unique operating models in the sector, organizational… Read More »

Rise in Reinsurance Penetration Expected to Drive Global Reinsurance Providers Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Buy Now The reinsurance providers market consists of sales of reinsurance by entities that assume all or part of the risk of current insurance policies originally underwritten by other insurance providers or direct insurance carriers. Reinsurance providers invest premiums composed from insurance providers to build up an assortment of financial assets to be used against… Read More »

Rise in Awareness about Reducing Risk to Drive Insurance Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Growing insurance recognition refers to the support obtainable by diverse coverage plans. The past few years have caused significant upward demand in occurrence of persistent diseases consisting of diabetes, respiration disorders, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, among others. These uncertainties have caused increase in insurance need globally. In addition, encouragement from each public and private… Read More »

Substantial Rise in Risk Mitigations to Drive Global Insurance Providers Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Growing insurance awareness refers to the benefits obtainable by various insurance plans. The past few years have led to a significant rise in the prevalence of chronic diseases such as diabetes, respiratory disorders, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, among others. These uncertainties have led to an increase in demand for market growth. In addition, encouragement… Read More »

Global Insurance Brokers & Agents Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Insurance agents referred to as captive agents, representing the insurance companies. Insurance brokers, on the other hand, denote multiple insurance companies providing the right insurance for their clients. Insurance is a legal contract between two parties i.e. the insurance company and individual. The insurance company adds the possibilities for making losses of the insured… Read More »

Could entry of Dental Insurance Provider solve the problem of oral awareness & accessibility in India: Ken Research

Buy Now There is a dire need for upgrading dental infrastructure to improve accessibility and affordability by the poor in India looking at the statistics released by National Health Profile 2019 and WHO through various publications. At ground level, an inadequate number of doctors per population (1:10,926) and no standardization of dental treatment prices across… Read More »