Global Melt-Blown Nonwoven Market Future Outlook, Major Players, Analysis: Ken Research

Buy Now Nonwoven is a novel, innovative, and engineered fabric produced from fibers by utilizing a melt-blown spinning procedure. Melt blown is a traditional fabrication procedure that comprises the extrusion of thermoplastic fiber-forming polymers via small nozzles enclosed by high-speed blowing gas. Melt-blown nonwovens are small diameter fibers which deliver the exceptional filtration properties, absorption… Read More »

COVID Impact on Global Online Clothing Rental Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Online clothing rental denotes to services that allow individuals to rent clothing for a set duration of time online. Individuals who are comprised in sporadic activities such as weddings, theme parties, corporate parties, photoshoots, and filming may advantage from these facilities. Online apparel rental services are accessible to fashion-conscious individuals who do not… Read More »

Future Growth of Global Denim Jeans Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Denim Jeans Market is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe, and as fashion trends transform, so does the market for Denim Jeans with exclusive designs and patterns. Denim Jeans is a stylishness of underwear that is commonly made of one or more stretchy fabrics. Nylon, polyester, satin, lace, sheer fabrics, Lycra, and… Read More »

Global Swimwear & Beachwear Market Growth Rate: Ken Research

Buy Now Swimwear and beachwear are pieces of apparel envisioned to be worn by individuals participating in water-based activities or water sports such as swimming, water polo, driving surfing, water skiing, or sunbathing. In sports such as scuba diving, water skiing, and wakeboarding, a swimsuit is demanded as an undergarment. In the industry, there is… Read More »

Global Lingerie Market Research Report: Ken Research

Buy Now Lingerie is a type of women clothing that includes sleep wears, undergarments, and lightweight robes. These undergarments are appealing, alluring, erotic, and fashionable made up of a variety of materials from general undergarments for instance lace, silk, satin, polyester, lycra, and nylon, which are stretchy & flexible that provide an erotic look to… Read More »

Growth in Global Home Textile Products Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Home textiles are special fabrics used for home furnishing & decoration. These fabrics are used for a variety of decorative & functional products that are used for house decorating. Apart from decorative applications, these products can be used across different functions for instance carpeting, as window shades, table & bed coverings and towels.… Read More »

Future Growth of Global Luxury Footwear Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Luxury footwear is a category of luxury goods that comprises leather footwear, athletic footwear, textile footwear, and sneakers as well as sandals, and other shoes. Luxury footwear products generally have the following characteristics: quality, price, extraordinariness, rarity, aesthetics, and symbolism. Increasing the consumer demand for various luxury goods is a prime factor likely… Read More »

Future Growth Of Global Smart Shoes Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Smart shoes be there a smart technology shoe in that the shoe insoles are digitally linked, making it more than fair a normal shoe, making it modest for its operators with larger than life features and stipulations. Wearable devices or digitally connected products feature services, which ease the end user’s day-to-day processes. Such… Read More »

Growth in Awareness of Textile Global Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now The textile market comprises of sales of textiles by several entities (organizations, sole traders and partnerships) that introduce fiber, yarn, threads, carpets, rugs, linens and numerous other textile products. According to the report analysis, ‘Textile Global Market Report 2020-30: Covid 19 Impact and Recovery’ states that Toray Industries Inc; Mohawk Industries; Indorama Corporation… Read More »