Low-Risk Ways To Invest & Earn 7% Interest In India

India provides a vast array of investment opportunities, each with the potential to yield good returns. The extensive range of options available can often leave investors unsure of where to allocate their funds. However, selecting the best investment avenue necessitates evaluating one’s investment goals and risk appetite. An investment that aligns with an individual’s needs… Read More »

U.S. Flat Glass Market reached 28 billion US$ in 2022, lets explore the factors behind this growth: Ken Research

The US Flat Glass Market is expecting steered growth through increased Urbanization, technological advancement, rise in Internet Penetration, increased E-Commerce Electronics expenditure, Infrastructural Development, Automotive industry Growth, and Solar installations. Story Outline Increased Building Permits and Residential Construction leading to the evolution of the US Flat Glass Market. Solar Panel installations were at its peak… Read More »

Australia Cards and Payment Market is expected to grow at a robust CAGR, owing to the rising of contactless payments as well as the emergence of digital wallets: Ken Research

Australia Cards and Payment Market is in the growing stage, owing to the rising of contactless payments, increasing debit card usage and the emergence of digital wallets. The Cards and Payment Industry in Australia is highly fragmented with key players such as CommBank, Westpac, ANZ, NAB and Bendigo and Adelaide Bank etc. To learn more… Read More »

Generating a revenue of USD 87 Bn in 2027 via improving trade relations, Indonesia’s Freight Forwarding market provides a strong hand for the country’s Logistics Market: Ken Research

A strong ecosystem alongside an improving export-import scenario are two of the major factors responsible for the growth of Indonesia’s Freight Forwarding market, says a report by Ken Research 1. With trade surplus of $35.34 Bn, Indonesia’s Export-Import scenario is a decent fit for its Logistics Market. Interested to Know More about this Report, Request… Read More »

Global Fortified Wine Market Is Growing At A CAGR Of ~% In 2017-2022 And Is Expected To Reach ~USD 20 Bn By 2028 – Ken Research

What Is The Size Of Global Fortified Wine Industry? The Fortified Wine Market is largely driven by increasing alcohol socialization among consumers along with the increasing adoption of European culture. Rapid socioeconomic changes and urbanization are propelling demand for premium alcoholic drinks, including wines across countries. Wine is an integral part of Western culture and… Read More »

Permintaan pelumas industri di Indonesia didorong oleh meningkatnya investasi di industri manufaktur dan konstruksi, pertumbuhan di sektor UKM dan munculnya pemain domestik & internasional baru: analisis penelitian Ken

Sektor manufaktur yang berkembang, peningkatan impor minyak mentah, meningkatnya usaha kecil & mikro di negara ini dan masuknya pemain global di pasar akan menjadi faktor kunci yang mendorong pertumbuhan Pasar Pelumas Industri Indonesia. Pertumbuhan Sektor Manufaktur: Indonesia menyaksikan pertumbuhan yang kuat di sektor manufaktur karena ekspansi beberapa industri termasuk pertambangan, konstruksi, produksi logam dan baja,… Read More »

Pasar Manajemen Fasilitas Indonesia akan Didorong oleh Pertumbuhan Sektor Manufaktur dan Peningkatan Jumlah Proyek Infrastruktur: Ken Research

Pasar Manajemen Fasilitas Indonesia akan Didorong oleh Pertumbuhan Sektor Manufaktur dan Peningkatan Jumlah Proyek Infrastruktur: Ken Research Meningkatnya permintaan untuk layanan gabungan, Pertumbuhan yang tinggi di industri Konstruksi dan perluasan sektor manufaktur telah mendorong pertumbuhan pasar layanan manajemen fasilitas di Indonesia. Ketergantungan pada Tenaga Alih Daya: Tenaga Alih Daya telah berkontribusi di atas 85% dalam… Read More »