Revolutionizing Industries: Robotics and E-bikes Lead the Way : Ken Research

Lucrative opportunities arise in the fragmented industrial robotics market, driven by Industry 4.0 and digitalization. Transparency is fostered through trade exhibits, while fierce competition fuels acquisitions and collaborations for innovation. Key players like ABB and Yaskawa dominate the market.                                                                        Storyline Industrial robotics market: Technological integration drives expansion. Robotics revolution: Industry 4.0 fuels innovation and… Read More »

What influenced the revival of Facility Management services in Egypt? : Ken Research

This whitepaper presents a detailed analysis of the factors that have contributed to the remarkable revival of Egypt’s facility management industry in the post-pandemic era. Leveraging insights from industry analysis, growth drivers, and emerging market opportunities, this research provides a comprehensive overview of the key references that have shaped the resurgence of the facility management… Read More »