5 Major Investment in KSA Seafood and Fish Feed Market: Ken Research

Story Outline Government funds fuel KSA’s seafood market growth with Vision 2030’s 600,000-ton seafood production target. Foreign investments surge, like Marine Harvest’s USD 120M fish farming project and Skretting’s USD 200M fish feed factory. Private sector actively invests in KSA’s seafood industry, with NAQUA and Saudi Fisheries leading the way. Investment funds, including SALIC, boost… Read More »

To 5 Major Players and Strategies in the KSA Seafood and Fish Feed Market : Ken Research

Story Outline NAQUA: Leading aquaculture company in KSA, prioritizing sustainability, quality, and diversity with advanced technologies and eco-friendly practices. Saudi Fisheries: Prominent in seafood market, focuses on quality assurance, product range expansion, and diverse fish feed offerings. Skretting: Norwegian giant enters KSA with USD 200M investment, emphasizing global expertise, sustainability, and innovative feed formulations. Marine… Read More »

KSA Seafood and Fish Feed Market Expected to Reach $900 Mn by 2027: Ken Research

Story Outline Population growth fuels the demand for seafood, boosting the fish feed market in KSA. Economic prosperity drives preference for nutritious seafood, fueling fish feed market growth. Governments Vision 2030 promote aquaculture and sustainable practices, propelling fish feed market growth. Health consciousness increases demand for nutritious seafood, driving fish feed market growth. Technological advancements… Read More »