Policy Street and CARSOME Revolutionize Car Insurance with CARSOME Care+

Through this partnership, drivers are not only safeguarding their vehicles but also gaining enhanced financial security and peace of mind in uncertain times. STORYLINE Innovative Collaboration: Policy Street and CARSOME introduce CARSOME Care+, redefining car insurance with unique unemployment protection. Addressing the Gap: Malaysia’s underinsured population of 90% targeted with personal accident coverage up to… Read More »

Revving Up: Malaysia’s Used Car Market Accelerates Amid Economic Caution

With cautious sentiment driven by inflation and interest rate hikes, the growth in used car sales is projected to continue. Rising Demand: Used car sales to surge in 2023 amid cautious economic outlook. Affordable Option: Customers opt for pre-owned vehicles due to inflation and interest rate concerns. Online Platforms: Online platforms expedite used car buying… Read More »

Navigating Growth and Resilience: Malaysia’s Used Car Market Trends and Strategies

Storyline Middle-Class Expansion: Rising middle-class income drives increased car ownership and demand for pre-owned vehicles. Digital Surge: Growing prevalence of online used car platforms boosts sales and enhances accessibility. Strategic Pandemic Support: Moratorium on car loans sustains the used car industry during the pandemic. Future Growth: Anticipated 8.5% (2027) CAGR as Malaysia’s middle class expands… Read More »