Global Defense Market Research Report: Ken Research

Asia Pacific was the largest region in the global defense market, accounting for 34% of the market in 2019. North America was the second largest region accounting for 25% of the global defense market. Africa was the smallest region in the global defense market. Smart gun technology is gaining the interest of the manufacturer in recent… Read More »

Increase in Security Concerns Anticipated to Drive Global Defense Market: Ken Research

Defense industry includes a component manufacturing of critical infrastructure, arms manufacturing and its supply. Moreover it also includes manufacturing of vehicles, uniforms, and other products and services to support military. Some of key products manufactured in the defense sector include heavy vehicles, arms and ammunition, tanks, armored vehicles, submarines, missiles, electronic equipment, helicopters, fighter aircraft,… Read More »

Profitable Landscape Of The Global Aerospace Support And Auxiliary Equipment Market Outlook: Ken Research

The market of aerospace support and auxiliary equipment manufacturing comprises of sales of support and auxiliary equipment by the entities that introduce the support and auxiliary equipment involving the equipment such as radar, satellites, air traffic control towers, and several other auxiliary types of equipment. Moreover, the players of aerospace support and auxiliary equipment market are doing significant developments… Read More »

Significant Convergence In The Global Air Based Defense Equipment Manufacturing Market Outlook: Ken Research

The Market of air-based defense equipment comprises of sales of air-based defense equipment by the specific entities that introduce air-based defense equipment involving the assistance and auxiliary equipment for the air-based defense such as satellites, sonars, radar and several other auxiliary types of equipment. Moreover, the players in this market are playing an important role while developing the specifications… Read More »