How the Indian Government is securing the future of the Agricultural Cold Storage Market in India? : Ken Research

The agriculture sector in India has had consistent growth in production levels over time. This production level hasn’t been matched appropriately in terms of food storage, which highlights the Indian Agricultural Cold Storage Industry’s existing whitespace. Despite being an agricultural nation, India experiences significant food losses per year that range from INR 90,000 to INR… Read More »

With a project allocation of INR 9000 Cr by GOI, massive infrastructure development alongside technological push is expected to boost market growth in the next 5 years: Ken Research

The Agri-tech market is expected to witness a growth of 32% indicating a well versed adoption rate of technology in cold storage units & modernization of existing ones, says a report by Ken Research 1. Opening up of the sector and technological push is gearing up for unleashing the potential Recent Trends in India Agricultural… Read More »

Government initiatives such as PM-KSY are expected to result in the capacity expansion of 6.5 Mn MT in the next 5 years: Ken Research

Total project Outlay of INR 9000 initiated by GOI towards infrastructure development is expected to boost the Indian Agricultural cold storage market growth in the next 5 years, says a report by Ken Research 1. “Favorable Policies:” Growth of agricultural sector is driven by favorable policies towards the farming population in India Recent Trends in… Read More »

Growing food processing industry, shift in cropping patterns to horticulture, and Proactive Govt. Policies and Financing Support will propel the growth of the Indian Agricultural Cold Storage Market: Ken Research

1. Cold storage capacity has increased year on year, however, there is a lack of modern storage facilities that hold back the industry’s extreme growth. The cold storage sector in India is driven by the increase in international trade because of liberalization in trade. Also, with the push by the government via various incentive-led schemes… Read More »