Pasar Agrokimia Indonesia Akan Didorong Masuknya Pemain Baru, Menumbuhkan Registrasi Produk Pestisida dan Meningkatkan Kesadaran Petani tentang Penggunaan Pestisida: Ken Research

Temuan Utama: Sejak 5 tahun terakhir, pertumbuhan luas lahan pertanian yang tersedia di negara ini sangat sedikit, namun permintaan akan makanan terus meningkat. Hal ini dapat mengakibatkan pergeseran ke arah adopsi lebih banyak penggunaan produk agrokimia dan mekanisasi dalam proses pertanian. Pada tahun 2018, Indonesia mencatat lahan subur seluas 571,1 km persegi di negara ini.… Read More »

Indonesia Agrochemical Market will be Driven by Entry of New Players, Growing Pesticides Product Registrations and Increasing Awareness among Farmers on Pesticide Usage: Ken Research

From the past 5 years, there has been very little growth in the area of arable land available in the country; however, the demand for food has been persistently increasing. This could result in a shift towards the adoption of more agrochemical product usage and mechanization in the farming process. In 2018, Indonesia recorded an… Read More »

Indonesia Agrochemicals Industry Research Report: Ken Research

How Is Indonesia Agrochemicals Market Positioned? The Indonesia Agrochemicals market is currently placed at the growth stage. The majority of the international players have their production plants located within Indonesia. The country mostly relies on imports for the procurement of active ingredients from other countries including the US, China, France, UK, and others. The import of active… Read More »

Indonesia Agrochemical Market is driven by Growing Demand for Bio-Based Agrochemicals, Entry of New National and International Players, Support from Government and Increasing Need to Improve Crop Yield: Ken Research

“Migration of fall armyworm and other insect varieties coupled with frequent dry season prevalence in the country increased the demand for insecticides and herbicides in the country”.  Growing Demand for Bio Pesticides and Other Organic Products: The Integrated Pest Management Program in the country promotes prevention, monitoring and controlled use of pesticides in order to minimize toxicity levels… Read More »

Indonesia Agrochemicals Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

Indonesia Agrochemicals Market:- The report titled “Indonesia Agrochemicals Market Outlook to 2025- By Type of Pesticides (Herbicides, Insecticides, Fungicides, Bio Pesticides and Others), By Type of Crop Protection Product (Generic and Patented), By Application (Cereals, Vegetables, Fruits and Plantations) and By Sales Regions (Java & Bali Region, Sulawesi, Sumatra and Kalimantan)” provides a comprehensive analysis of the… Read More »