The UAE Car Rental and Leasing Market is expected to be driven by Changing Customer Preference vis-à-vis Personal ownership owing to Covid-19 coupled with Rising Tourism, High Vaccination Rates enabling Commercial Activities: Ken Research

Key Findings Historically, public transport has been the preferred mode of travel in UAE. However, the pandemic has provided a shift in consumer preference for the industry with the increased movement of the population towards personal transport due to health reasons. The change in consumer preference has been aided by greater technological adoption, government regulations,… Read More »

Future of UAE Limousine Industry Outlook: Ken Research

How the UAE Limousine Industry Is Positioned? The limousine Car industry was observed to grow to a market size of AED ~ million in 2019 with a positive CAGR of ~% for 2014-2019. The leasing market is highly influenced by the number of international and national tourists, official clients and occasions, and party events in the UAE.… Read More »

Future of Car leasing industry in UAE: Ken Research

How the UAE Leasing Industry Is Positioned? Car leasing industry was observed to grow with a market size of AED ~ million in 2019 with a positive CAGR of ~% during 2014-2019. The leasing market in UAE is highly influenced by the number of international and national tourists along with SMEs & other industries. Leasing is… Read More »

UAE being recognized as Premium Tourist and Leisure Destination with Growing Number of Expats to Drive Car Rental Market: Ken Research

The U.A.E.’s leisure and entertainment market is set to grow as 45 million visitors are expected by 2021, including 30 million international tourists increasing business for Hospitality, Tourism and Transportation industries. Expat population sums up to 8.45 million as of 2018, with the highest 35.7% of Indians.6 During 2018, the outflow of emigrants from India to UAE,… Read More »

UAE Car Rental Market Future Outlook: Ken Research

How The UAE Car Rental Positioned? UAE Car Rental, Leasing, and Limousine are highly influenced by the tourists’ influx and corporate offices. The car rental fleet was also observed to grow with a positive CAGR over the last 5 years. The car rental and leasing industry have started to gain momentum with the new government initiatives leading… Read More »

UAE Car Rental and Leasing Market has supported by the Increasing Tourists Inflow Coupled with the Surging Demand from Corporate Industries: Ken Research

Amplified the influx of tourists in UAE has led to the growing demand for rental, leasing, and limousine services.” Technological Advancement: With the use of technological capabilities such as GPS tracking, Biometrics, Smartphone technology, connected cars, Keyless technology, and WIFI facility can help in reducing the operational cost, better management of the fleet. Adoption of Modern… Read More »

UAE Car Rental, Leasing and Limousine Market Outlook to 2024: Ken Research

The report titled “UAE Car Rental, Leasing and Limousine Market Outlook to 2024-Driven By Growing Corporate Ecosystem and Growth in Tourism Backed Up Government Initiatives and Annual Events” provides a comprehensive analysis of Rental, Leasing and Limousine services in UAE The report focuses on market segmentation in terms of Fleet Size for Rental companies, By Type of Emirates (Dubai,… Read More »