How do UAE Car Rental, Leasing, And Limousine market dynamics impact its Automotive & Transportation sector? : Ken Research

This whitepaper dives into the vibrant landscape of the UAE’s car rental, leasing, and limousine market, presenting a comprehensive analysis of its outlook. With the UAE’s status as a global hub for tourism, business, and luxury, the transportation sector plays a pivotal role in facilitating seamless mobility. Explore the market’s dynamics, encompassing government rules, regulations,… Read More »

The UAE Car Rental and Leasing Market is expected to be driven by Changing Customer Preference vis-à-vis Personal ownership owing to Covid-19 coupled with Rising Tourism, High Vaccination Rates enabling Commercial Activities: Ken Research

Key Findings Historically, public transport has been the preferred mode of travel in UAE. However, the pandemic has provided a shift in consumer preference for the industry with the increased movement of the population towards personal transport due to health reasons. The change in consumer preference has been aided by greater technological adoption, government regulations,… Read More »