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Environment Friendly Farming building Sustainable Agricultural Equipment Market Forecast: Ken Research

Green revolution in India was basically initiated through success of high yield variety seeds, pesticides, insecticides, etc. which not only degraded environment quality in India but also damaged the quality of food supplied. This led to rising hostility against such farming methods laden to huge demand for organically produced farm outputs supporting positive growth of Agricultural Implants Market. Organic farming basically refers to those farming practices where agricultural output is produced without any use of chemicals like fertilizers, pesticides, etc. This sort of farming not only produced cleaner crop yield but also played a significant role in making farming equipment greener. This rising practice of organic farming is impacting agricultural equipment industry significantly. Every day new sorts of environment friendly equipment are introduced to cater the demand.

In order to fulfill escalating demand for environment friendly farm machinery various new products are launched every year to promote mechanization of agriculture without damaging environment. Demand for machinery that works with use of renewable energy is increasing. Solar power fence installation is becoming extremely popular which helps farmers to produce solar electricity by themselves. This system is also known as photovoltaic system. Solar powered tractor is also receiving superb appreciation amongst farmers of India. Such tractors use solar energy as its fuel and work efficiently without providing any damage to the environment. Further, farms are making greater use of solar pumps, threshers, harvesters, etc. in their farms. Further, since organic farming completely restricts from using chemicals and pesticides on land, demand for chemical and DDT free pesticides and insecticides is increasing in India. Water conservation is one of the utmost goal of eco-friendly farming and for this reason recycling of water is becoming a fad amongst farmers. Thus, for this purpose higher use of efficient irrigation equipment is practiced. Further, recycling runoff machineries are greater higher admiration. Better tillers are demanded in order to conserve soil and prevent any sort of soil erosion. Machinery with low pollutant emissions is becoming extremely popular amongst farmers.

Challenges to environment friendly farming

Though green farming is quite in vogue these days, there are many challenges in the industry that must eliminated to provide massive boost to sustainable agricultural equipment industry. Many a times these agricultural equipment are quite expensive and hence farmers shun from using such machinery and rather focus on cheaper substitutes. Further, restrictive promotion of such equipment by the government and lack of education amongst farmers is making sale of such machinery quite restrictive.

Thus, opportunities for environment friendly farm equipment is quite vast and is expected to rise massively in future. Government policies are working to promote both mechanization and sustainability in agriculture laden to sky high demand for environment friendly and modern agricultural equipment in India.

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