Investment in India Agri-tech market grew exponentially at a CAGR of 178%. Read more to know the cause of it: Ken Research

Investment in India’s Agri-tech market grew exponentially at a CAGR of 178%. Read more to know the cause of it: Ken Research India’s immense cargo-ecological diversity is the major reason for making it a global agricultural powerhouse. The agriculture sector is a significant contributor to India’s economy which accounts for nearly 16 percent of the… Read More »

The US Agrochemical Market has been observed to grow by USD 16 Bn in 2019- What will ensure further growth of the industry in future?

Growing food demand has promoted agrochemical-based institutions to upgrade their product and switch to greener alternatives by investing in research activities, says a report by Ken Research. 1. Trends and Developments to keep ahead in the US Agrochemical. Other Challenges In US Agrochemical Market Aggregate pesticide use has a direct impact on planted acreage. Acreage… Read More »

The Europe Agrochemical Market is anticipated to grow by EUR 6 Mn in 2025- Which factors will ensure the fulfilment of its targeted growth?

More than 70% of the crop protection market in Europe is captured by five countries namely Spain, France, Italy, Germany and Poland on the basis of volume of crop protection products sold in the countries, says a report by Ken Research. 1. Challenges faced by the Agrochemical Market of Europe and the impact it leaves… Read More »

Various Government Initiatives Help The Indian Agritech Industry Revenue to Reach Almost INR 11,000 Cr By 2025; Will The Growth Sustain? Ken Research

Government initiatives such as upgrading of ~22,000 rural haats into Gramin Agricultural Markets, development of 1000 new FPOs, connecting additional 195,000 villages with paved roads by 2025, are expected to supplement the industry’s growth, as per findings released by Ken Research. 1. Government to set up 1,000 farmer producer organizations, allocates nearly, Rs 7,000 crore.… Read More »

The AgriTech market in Indonesia generated a revenue of USD 240 million in 2021. What are the key trends for this growth? : Ken Research

There is a total of 37 million adults employed in the Agriculture Sector in Indonesia with 25 million farmers and 12 million fishermen. The workers in the agricultural industry still received one of the lowest wages in the country. Ambitious government initiatives, rising adoption of digital services, increased investment by foreign investors, and the emergence… Read More »

Diffusion of technology and rising government initiatives will enable the Agri-tech market to reach INR ~11,000 Cr by 2025 in India: Ken Research

The Agricultural sector of India is undergoing a catalytic transformation. The industry is imbibing and adopting innovative technologies to improve the efficacies of farming operations, thereby enhancing yield. This has led the Agri-tech industry in India to grow at ~85% growth rate and the market is poised to reach ~11,000 Cr by the next five… Read More »

3 Catalysts That Helped the Indian Agritech Industry to Witness a Growth of More Than 80% from 2019 to 2020; Will the Growth Sustain? : Ken Research

Indian Agri-tech industry revenue to reach more than INR 11,000 Cr by 2025 and witness a CAGR of 32.0% during 2020-2025., as per findings released by Ken Research. 1. Strong Already Existing Infrastructure Sets the Path for The Agritech Market Revenue to Reach Almost INR 11,000 Cr By 2025. To Know More Other Infrastructure Projects… Read More »

Global Agricultural Pumps Market expected to record a CAGR of ~6% during the forecast period (2017-2028): Ken Research

What Is The Size Of Global Agricultural Pumps Industry? Global Agricultural Pumps market is growing at a CAGR of ~% in 2017-2022 and is expected to reach ~USD 7 Bn by 2028. The Agricultural Pumps Market is largely driven by the consistent rise in global population, increased pressure for food on agricultural production/supply system, growing… Read More »

Pasar Agritech Indonesia mencatat pertumbuhan CAGR sebesar ~39,7% berdasarkan pendapatan yang dihasilkan antara 2016 hingga 2021 yang didorong oleh peningkatan akses internet dan dukungan pemerintah:: Ken Research

Pemerintah melakukan Inisiatif secara aktif: Inisiatif peluncuran pemerintah seperti Pertanian Cerdas (Smart Farming 4.0), yang mencakup teknologi seperti aplikasi Drone pada Pertanian: Penyemprotan tanaman menggunakan Drone (Drone Sprayer), Pengawasan tanaman menggunakan Drone (Drone Surveillance), dan Sensor Tanah dan Cuaca telah menghasilkan peningkatan fokus pada ruang Agritech di Indonesia. Inisiatif lain seperti Ruangan Pengawasan Terpusat (Agriculture… Read More »