Expanding Population Escalating Demand for Commercial Seed: Ken Research - Ken Research

Expanding Population Escalating Demand for Commercial Seed: Ken Research

Ken research announced its latest Publication titled Global Seed Market Status, 2011-2022 Market Historical and Forecasts, Professional Market Research Reportwhich offers insights on the scope of this industry in worldwide and local market. Marketing channels, manufacturing process, cost structure and distribution of major market players in this industry is analysed. Significant market information like production, price, revenue, export, import, market rate is further examined. Moreover major regional markets like Europe, North America, South America, Asia (Excluding China), China and ROW are covered under this report. It likewise gave the information to future figure of this industry and the new project speculation analysis.


Improvements in the agricultural sector

The main issues within the agricultural sector of countries in Central and Eastern Europe, namely the privatization of the farming system, the limited farm earnings that have reduced the demand for inputs, the need for restoration and maintenance of irrigation systems, the need to replace obsolete operating equipment, the lack of economical resources and of credit facilities, and the resulting fall in agricultural production. It is expected that as soon as the situation begins to evolve positively there will be an expansion in the demand for higher quality seed and for standard agricultural inputs such as fertilizers and pesticides etc.

Government investments in rural infrastructure and general agricultural policies, which are generally determined independently of the needs of the seed sector, can indirectly exercise a profound influence on the growth and structure of the seed supply sector. Investments in rural roads, markets and storage facilities can substantially reduce the cost of improved seed by decreasing transport, processing and distribution costs.

Use of appropriate varieties and variety development

The seed supply systems in these countries have a mutually reliable relationship with the research sector in the variety development phase. However, until varieties that correspond with farmers’ needs are manufactured, and on-farm enhanced seed production is flourished, the research system will continue to have little relevance to the informal seed supply systems in this region. Adoption of new varieties in the region has sometimes been restricted by:

(i) Poor adaptation of new varieties to most farmers’ conditions

(ii) Lack of on-farm variety testing for farmer evaluation

(iii) Large number of varieties offered on the market, making it difficult for the farmer to select.

Variety development is the foundation of any seed supply programme constraints in variety development can be summarized as follows:

(i) Sometimes national breeding programmes remain alien to the actual needs of farmers, and this may explain the large quantity of seed or vegetative propagated material imported for certain crops

(ii) The prolonged variety examination procedures mutual in the region often restrict the release of local or foreign superior varieties.

Commercial seeds

Commercial seeds are the seeds sown for production of an intended crop or utilised as an animal feed or industrial raw material. The expanding global population is elevating the demand for commercial seeds. As commercial seeds yield higher output, the declining global arable land due to rapid urbanization acts as a major source for the demand of commercial seeds. However, factors constraining the global commercial seeds market incorporate hue and cry amongst the masses in the developed countries against the production of genetically modified crops as they believe it affects the human health due to their altered genes.


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