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Herbicides are also known as weed-killers. Selective herbicides are chemical substances that are used to control unwanted plants during cultivation of a crop and non-selective herbicides are used to clear waste ground, industrial and construction sites, railways and railway embankments as they kill all plants when they come into contact. Historically, common salt and other metal salts were used as herbicides. With growing years these were banned due to their long persistence in soil causing soil toxic and groundwater contamination. Herbicides used are directly connected to the eco-friendliness, consumers’ health, safety and food supply. Majority of the industries are investing and encouraging in innovation of green herbicides caring for the Earth’s limited resources and for the future wellbeing of all life on Earth. Biologically the cells of leaf veins rapidly divide and elongate, and cells between veins cease to divide with the application of herbicides resulting in a narrow, strap-like young leaves. The water content increases rapidly making treated plants brittle and break easily. The cell division and respiration rates increase in the leaves, and photosynthesis decreases. Food supply in the herbicides treated plants is nearly exhausted leading to their death. Plants affected by herbicides lose their ability to take up soil nutrients, and plant stem tissues fail to absorb food effectively. The herbicides affect the growth-regulating chemicals in a plant and the plant dies due to the effect of multiple disturbances within.

Natural calamities in China contribute to the use of herbicides in the farming sector.  The growing awareness in consumers about the potential environmental hazards of the chemicals has encouraged for green herbicides. These factors affect the growth in the herbicides market in China. China’s herbicide industry is continuing to grow with an upward trend. Majority of the herbicides companies in China manufacture herbicide products by mixing to achieve new growth. Few manufacturers such as Hubei Sanonda has enriched herbicide product mix, Guangxin Agrochemical expanded its business into international markets, Anhui Jiuyi enriched pesticide product structure and Jiangsu Flag has suspended to develop dicamba products.

Majority of the China’s herbicides manufacturers continue production to meet the consumers’ needs. The herbicides market in China is all set to grow rapidly with the tight supply and inflation. China is strongly pushing forward horticultural supply-side with auxiliary change and hastening development of new growth in the country’s agribusiness. Use of herbicides has witnessed de-capacity, de-stocking and zero growth which may accompany in great revolution in supply-side structural adjustment. China implemented new regulations for the Control of Agricultural Chemicals, which will witness a long-term development in China’s herbicides industry.

According to the research report “Herbicide Market in China of Q1 2017”, China’s herbicides are classified in several ways that include weed control spectrum, labelled crop usage, chemical families, mode of action, application timing/ method, and others. The mode of action of the herbicides are they should adequately contact plants, absorbed by plants, move within the plants to the site of action without being deactivated, and finally reach toxic levels at the site of action. Majority of the herbicides are grouped under their mode of action. A large number of herbicides are available in China’s markets which have similar chemical properties and herbicidal activity. With the growing population there is more demand for agricultural products to feed the growing population. Therefore, the use of herbicides increases with the increase in the cultivation of crops.

China’s herbicides growth has rapidly increased over the years and will continuing growing with advanced herbicides and green herbicides in the coming years. There is a great demand for herbicides in both the domestic and export markets, and production continues to expand for the next few years. China is facing long-term challenges with low market concentration, poor R&D investment, inflation; China’s tightening environmental regulations and growing crop resistance to products such as glyphosate. It was observed that in the first quarter of the year 2017, China’s herbicides market is a fast-changing market with real-time growth right from raw materials to end products utilization.

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