Malaysian Deodorants Market to Flourish Soon With Rising Customer Demands: Ken Research

Deodorants or antiperspirants are primarily used to avoid sweat and odour on human body.  Simple deodorants neutralize or mask the odour of underarm perspiration or sweat. Antiperspirants are used to close the pores on human skin to stop sweat. The products primarily covered in this market include- Deodorant Creams, Deodorant Pumps, Deodorant Roll-Ons, Deodorant Sprays, Deodorant Sticks, and Deodorant Wipes.

Young men and working women are the main target audience in deodorants market. Deodorant is a product which enhances a person’s personality by giving a decent fragrance. Not only on the basis of fragrances and other multiple qualities, the deodorants market in Malaysia is also segmented on the basis of gender and age as well. Different types of deodorant are available for both men as well as women and also there is an availability of deodorants specially manufactured for children, that have fruity and flowery smell with less alcohol content, so that there is no compromise with their health.

According to the research report, “Deodorants in Malaysia”, in 2016, Malaysia has observed a steady growth in its deodorants market. Nivea and Rexona have been the two brands which offer long lasting 48 hours ability of scents in the country. There has been a substantial increase in demand for long lasting deodorants in 2016.

With a significant proportion of value share, Wipro Unza has become one of the leading players of deodorants market in Malaysia. Dashing, Enchanteur and Romano are the multiple brands of Wipro Unza. It has been able to maintain the leading position due to regular innovation which became a strong competition for other companies. The launch of first gasless deodorant sprays by the brand Dashing named Dashing Bold 2.0 has the capacity to last up to 2 months as compared to the conventional sprays which generally lasted up to 3 weeks.

Many companies of deodorants have also started retailing online. Wide ranges of deodorants are becoming available online for consumers. Almost all the leading companies have online retailing portals by now. There has been a massive growth in internet retailing in Malaysia. Manufacturers and retailers are giving more attention to e-commerce, which is increasing their sales in the market. Many companies are offering attractive discounts on season and occasional basis which further attract the consumers. In 2016, a boom has been therefore observed in consumer base.

In the future years, it is expected that the consumer preferences and demand will be switched between deodorant and fragrances due to sluggish economic conditions expected in future. Consumers are foreseen to become rational and cost conscious due to unfavourable conditions and they are likely to switch from fragrances to deodorants as they will be undoubtedly much more affordable.

Deodorants will become regular daily use product for consumers in Malaysia in the coming years. Augmenting levels of hygiene have been witnessed because of increasing urbanization and consumer awareness in the country. However, premium deodorants with high prices are not so popular in Malaysia since people prefer to use deodorants for everyday use which are pocket friendly. In future years, deodorants will become more affordable due to their extensive demand and conversion from a luxury to necessity is bound to occur for sure.

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Global Deodorants Market Analysis Report

Malaysia Deodorants Market Research Report

Malaysia Cosmetics and Personal Care Industry Investigation report

Malaysia Deodorants Import Value

Malaysia Deodorants Export Value

Malaysia Antiperspirants Market Size

Malaysia Roll-On Deodorants Market Demand Changes

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Malaysia Gel Deodorants Market Revenue

Malaysia Spray Deodorants Export Value

Malaysia Natural Deodorants Market Growth Opportunities

Malaysia Cream Deodorants Industry Future Outlook

Malaysia Online Deodorants Retail Market

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