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The data centers are a significant component of the modern IT arrangement. Whether the corporates construct their own accessibilities, collocate with a third-party data center, or convention a public cloud provider for their data requirements, fundamentally each business reliant on the data centers to distribute the foundation of the present’s gradually intersected worldwide region. And with the more and more data being twisted and expended each year, the data centers are not going somewhere soon.

Ken Research as enterprise cloud management consultants is enthusiastic about solving combination challenges within each stage of the Data Center Lifecycles such as Capacity Planning, Scalability Issues, Uptime, Performance Maintenance, and Cost. Whether you are regarding improve, build, buy, lease or modernize your prevailing data center, Ken Research can preservative you on every aspect by simplifying your partner with Vendors who have vast appreciation in the comparable Service Offering.

Ken Research Partner Ecosystem For Cloud/Data Center Services

  • 10+ Cloud Partners Proposing IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, BPaaS, and quite a few other cloud services
  • 5+ Data Center Operators encompassing Hyperscalers suggesting Managed/Retail and Wholesale Co-Location everywhere India.
  • 2+ Data Center Developers Suggesting Build to Suit, Confined, Edge Data Center, Sale, Lease, and a number of others.

Service Offering

      Advisory and Transaction Services for Data Centers such as Co-location, Linkage and Connectivity, Hybrid IT Explanation, Data Center Consulting, Managed Services, Built to Suit Services, and Superiority Data Center

      Consulting Services such as CAPEX/OPEX Analysis for Setting up Data Center, Go-to-Market Approach, Business Case Enhancement and Budgeting, and Procurement

      Advisory and Transaction Facilities for the Cloud Solutions equaled IaaS, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, DaaS, BPaaS.

Take full advantage of the worth of your server virtualization organization, improve the infrastructure expertise with the ownership e-Transform and readiness tools, and augment the business quickness by lining the data center infrastructure with the business objectives and numerous others are the few assistances of our data center services.

In addition, we compromise services contacted to the consumer based on the economical rates in more than a few schedules as per lease duration and requirements. With us, users or customers need not have to worry about the hiring personages for the suggestion in order to continue the data centers. Moreover, our data center services offer instant scalability based on transformation in the aptitude needs of consumers. Not only has this, but we also have a bottomless understanding of the Data Center Industry both from the awareness of technical and operative structure. Leveraging our understanding, we will be collaboratively running with you to choose the Right Data Center Operator.

We can guarantee you better latency and connectivity when it comes to the internet and numerous other network-connected duties. We as a proficient service provider can recommend you both through multiple-carrier offerings. Our data center processes are a great performance to align your IT requirements with your business purposes cost-successfully. The highest benefits encompass better financial and functioning effectiveness, proactive watching, greater customer satisfaction, and dedicated management of IT infrastructure.

Our committed data center services team, with the sustenance of a service management ecosystem, delivers round the clock sustenance for your business processes, transactions, and transmuted data center environment.

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