3 Key Insights on Competitive Landscape in Global NaaS Market

3 Key Insights on Competitive Landscape in Global NaaS Market

Country Niche Players Constitute ~65% of Total Number of Competitors, While Global Companies Constitute ~5% as of 2021.

A comprehensive competitive analysis conducted during the Research Study found that the Global NaaS market is highly competitive with ~500 players, including globally diversified players, regional players, and a large number of country-niche players with their niche in advancement in cloud-based solutions for multiple end-user industries. The majority of the top 20 global cloud-based solution companies, including Verizon, Cisco, Rackspace, Aryaka, Aruba, Juniper, Cloudflare, and Oracle., maintained their leading positions in the forecasted period. The majority of the country’s players offer end-to-end solutions to the customer to operate their own networks without maintaining their own networking infrastructure. Some of these who successfully evolve to create cloud-based solutions often get acquired by large Country Niche players seeking to grow and diversify quickly. “Ken Research shares 3 key insights on this high opportunity market from its latest research study”

Country-Niche Players’ and Organization’s Ongoing Efforts to Provide Customized Solutions to End-User Industries Are Driving Their Revenue Growth In This Market.

Detailed comparative analysis of key competitors available within the Research Study shows that numerous Cloud-based companies such as Juniper, Aryaka, Verizon, Cisco, and more are highly focused on providing a significant number of cloud-based solutions and network security that can be used across end-user industries. Furthermore, Numerous companies and organizations are aggressively investing in advanced technology, software, and network security activities.

  • In September 2022, Juniper announces its expansion to Apstra software. This will help Juniper enterprises, service providers, and cloud provider customers to manage their data center automation.
  • In June 2021, AT&T introduced Cisco Webex Calling. AT&T Business offers Webex Calling with AT&T Enterprise to Cisco’s Unified Communications Manager – Cloud (UCMC). It will support businesses in increasing digitization and process optimization. UCMC will increase reliability and effectiveness for all users of Webex Calling with AT&T-Enterprise.
  • In March 2021, Verizon introduced NaaS. This new SDN and NFV solution allows businesses to switch to a virtual infrastructure paradigm, resulting in more agility and on-demand resources.
  • In December 2021, Aryaka Networks introduced an “all-in-one” SD-WAN and SASE solution for diverse businesses. This decision has helped to increase company flexibility and accelerate cloud adoption.

Key Competitors in NaaS Market

The Ongoing COVID-19 has noticeably contributed to the development of the NaaS market.

During the acute phase of the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, retailers used NaaS to reduce network capacity in physical locations. While boosting network capacity for online operations they effectively minimized network capacity in a physical location. Organizations are quickly adopting consumption-driven NaaS models to balance the expense of their network development with the digital experience of their stakeholders in order to meet this demand and guarantee a seamless connection.

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Additionally, organizations want to make managing these new locations easier while accelerating connection to edge locations. To make sure the network satisfies their company’s requirements, they need straightforward platforms that permit quick access to new technologies.

Organizations are now able to tackle these problems with the use of artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) technologies, and adaptable consumption models like network-as-a-service (NaaS). According to International Data Corporation’s data, almost one-third of firms have already used NaaS, and another 35% aim to do so within the next one to two years.

Increasing Government Initiatives, Strategies, and Investments in Cloud-Based Solution, Notably Supporting Network and Cloud-based software Market Growth.

The post-pandemic trends have enhanced the need for agility in IT, network procurement, and administration. Timelines for IT procurement have accelerated and investments have increased as compared to before COVID. IDC1 reports that 71% of businesses think COVID-19 has made their long-term planning cycles shorter. The same participants also indicate that long-term planning cycles have been reduced to two years or less in 82% of situations.

  • In August 2022, Juniper announced its acquisition with WiteSand a pioneer of cloud-native zero-trust Network Access Control (NAC) solutions This acquisition will combine teams and technology that will accelerate the delivery of next-generation Network Access Control (NAC), born in the cloud and driven by Mist AI.
  • In December 2021, Verizon Business and Cisco joined up to support the company’s network as a service (NaaS) digitization plan with Cisco-managed SD-WAN services, including options for 4G and 5G connectivity. Both companies may now use Verizon’s 4G and 5G networks, enabling them to develop, adopt the newest technology, and remain adaptive to meet the always-changing needs of their consumers.
  • In December 2021, Cloudflare announces its acquisition with Zaraz to boost website speed and security without harming privacy.

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