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eNPS is an employee experience metric that enables you to measure how loyal and employed your employees are. It’s reliant on the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which is one of the most prominent metrics used to measure the customer loyalty.

Just like the NPS, the core of the eNPS comes down to an individual simple question:

On a scale of 1-10, how prospective are you to recommend our company to friends and family?

Your respondents (employees) are then sorted into three groupings, depending on the score they give:

  • 9-10: These employees are your Promoters
  • 7-8: These employees are your Passives
  • 0-6: These employees are your Detractors

Promoters are the employees who are most trustworthy to you as an employer. They are likely to be extremely engaged at work and gratified in their role. This is great for them as individuals and can lead to developed profitability for your business. They are probably to encourage the business through positive word of mouth.

Detractors are your unfortunate employees. Unlike your promoters, they are more probably to be unsatisfied with you or their role. They will not positively endorse the business, and may be at peril of spreading negative word of mouth.

Passives are your neutral employees. They may normally be happy enough with their role and you as an employer, but they’re more probable to be receptive to proposes from other companies.

Benefits of our eNPS

It’s easy to use: The eNPS question is easy to allocate, answer, and report on. You’re able to get an impression of employee loyalty and engagement at your company speedily.

You can analaysis how your employees feel over duration: Because of its effortlessness, the action plan to increase NPS is the faultless metric to measure and associate the employee experience over varying duration of time.

It’s good for benchmarking: The quantitative nature of the eNPS lends itself well to being an employee nps benchmark by industry for you to measure your own performance against.

It can help reduce employee turnover: To begin advancing the employee experience, you require to understand how they feel about it. The eNPS is the initial step towards getting the insights you require to make sure staff are happy and employed.

At Ken Research, the eNPS is both straightforward and cost-effective to implement and allocate to your workforce. It’s acquainted too, most individuals have completed a satisfaction survey at one point in time and so they know what to do. It doesn’t demand much effort on behalf of the employee to finish, so you’re probably to get more responses. 

The eNPS precisely reflects how employees feel about recommending the company. When employees answer the question incognito, they will probably have no issue being honest, and it enables you to notice the causes of low productivity and engagement.

The results of an eNPS survey are informal to benchmark against your organization’s past results. Although not frequently recommended, you can also benchmark your eNPS against those of other contestants.

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