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Market Overview

Logistics are very crucial to the economic performance of every economy. Like other African countries, Kenya has structural issues with its logistical infrastructure, but its development has been aided by the ease of doing business and a welcoming political climate. In 2018 Kenya ranked 68 in the Logistics Performance Index and 61 in the East of Doing Business Index. The Kenyan logistics market has expanded greatly during the last few years, which shows that it will rise in the future.

Report Analysis

According to the research report, “Kenya Logistics and Warehousing Market Outlook to 2023 – By Sea, Land, Pipeline, Air Freight Forwarding; International and Domestic Freight, Integrated and 3PL Freight Forwarding; By Warehousing (Industrial/ Retail, ICD/CFS, Cold Storage, Others), 3PL Warehousing, Type of Warehouses; By Courier Express and Parcel Logistics and E-commerce Logistics” emphasizes that the Kenya Logistics and Warehousing Market is driven by the international trade agreements and advancement in technology which will boost the foreign trade during the forecast period of 2023. Government programs like the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Kenya’s advantageous location as the entrance to East Africa, and the thriving retail and import industries were the main drivers of the boom.


By Freight Forwarding

The rise of the freight forwarding market in Kenya was significantly influenced by the F&B, FMCG, and industrial sectors in the nation, particularly for the global market. Road freight was discovered to be the most favoured mode of transportation, followed by air and sea freight, as a result of improvements in the road infrastructure. The Kenyan freight forwarding market’s top revenue source was found to be the Asia flow corridor.

By Warehousing

One of the major areas of logistics development that calls for increased funding and technological innovation is warehousing. The growth of the warehouse sector is anticipated to be aided by the introduction of automation technology and more sophisticated inventory management systems.

By (CEP) Courier, Express, and Parcel Logistics Market

Online shoppers are now seeking more practical delivery options for their packages as well as more effective return procedures. In Kenya, the majority of clients choose standard delivery over express delivery since express service is regarded as a luxury service. Due to the desire for speedier delivery services and the emergence of e-commerce, the express delivery market will expand rapidly during the forecast period.

By Third Party Logistics Market

It makes much more sense for businesses whose primary line of business is not logistics to outsource logistics contracts. The logistical requirements for Kenya’s thriving retail industry frequently depend on seasonal importation. Transportation costs make up about half of the price of goods in Kenya, making outsourcing an even more crucial function. Businesses that deal with perishable commodities and hazardous materials have complicated transportation and warehousing requirements. In order to free up resources for working capital and other immediate needs, SMEs choose to invest in physical capital.

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By E-Commerce Logistics Market

In comparison to other countries, the African continent’s E-Commerce market grew relatively late and only accounts for 0.6% of total transactions. The market’s logistical needs grow along with the industry, especially in the fast delivery sector.

Key Payers

Some of the major key players in the Kenya Logistics and Warehousing Market are:

Freight Forwarders Kenya




CEVA Logistics




Future Outlook

During the forecast period of 2023, the Kenya Logistics and Warehousing Market will grow fast due to the increase in industrial activities, e-commerce, and an influx of multinational enterprises in the country. Future significant growth is anticipated to be attributed to the warehousing segment’s higher growth rate than the dominant freight forwarding segment. Logistics companies are expected to invest in cutting-edge technology solutions like real-time tracking, automation, and autonomous logistics in order to provide better customer service. The use of cutting-edge technology-based solutions will aid logistics companies in efficiently delivering goods in light of the expanding global trade.

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