Decoding KSA’s Warehousing Automation: Demand and Supply Insights: Ken Research

Saudi Arabia (KSA) drives warehousing automation as a regional logistics epicenter, fueled by a consolidated market and booming e-commerce demand. Storyline Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure initiatives drive demand for automated warehouses. Growing demand for cold storage services presents growth opportunities. Focus on e-commerce and retail fuels demand for automation. As per Ken Research estimates, Warehousing and… Read More »

UAE Logistics Unveiled: How is Government Shaping the Industry’s Future? : Ken Research

In the dynamic realm of the UAE Logistics Industry, transformative trends are redefining its landscape. The surge in online shopping post-COVID-19 has propelled e-commerce logistics, yet challenges like traffic congestion, overreliance on road freight, and fuel price fluctuations loom large. Here, the government emerges as a catalyst for change. How exactly is the government taking… Read More »

Australian Cold Chain Logistics Market: Growth Amid Challenges and Opportunities: Ken Research

The Australian cold chain logistics market is poised for growth, forecasted to reflect a CAGR of 10.3% by 2027. Storyline 1% CAGR Growth: Driven by domestic demand, government initiatives, fostering temperature-sensitive goods expansion. Sydney: Strategic Hub: Ideal infrastructure, proximity to markets, automation crucial, storage optimization paramount. 250+ Players’ Impact: Diverse cold chain landscape drives evolution, innovation, competition,… Read More »

Cooling the Future: Eurovets and Vakava Revolutionize Dubai’s Cold Chain: Ken Research

The partnership is expected to set Dubai’s cold chain industry on a path of greater sustainability and environmental responsibility. Storyline Eurovets partners with Vakava Technologies for sustainable cold chain solutions in Dubai. Innovative cooling units offer stable temperatures without external power sources. Cost-effective and eco-friendly, reducing carbon footprint in the cold chain industry. As per… Read More »

Logistics Evolution in KSA: Unveiling Vision 2030 – Breaking or Embracing Barriers? : Ken Research

In line with its ambitious Vision 2030, the KSA Logistics Industry is undergoing a visionary transformation to position the kingdom as a global logistics hub. Anchored by the development of Special Economic Zones (SEZs), an integrated transport infrastructure, and comprehensive reforms of seaports, the government’s strategic initiatives are poised to reshape the industry’s landscape. However,… Read More »

Uncovering Philippines’ Logistics: Will it Triumph Over Customs Challenges and Resource Reliance? : Ken Research

In the dynamic landscape of the Philippines’ logistics industry, a crucial question looms: Can it maintain its growth trajectory while grappling with inefficient customs clearance processes and a heavy reliance on human resources? The industry’s potential for expansion is undeniable, yet the road ahead is fraught with challenges. As the nation strives to position itself… Read More »

Dubai Industrial City and Maersk Collaborate to Elevate UAE’s Cold Chain Logistics Sector: Ken Research

Dubai Industrial City and Maersk’s collaboration revolutionizes UAE’s cold chain logistics, boosting sustainability and efficiency. As the nation gears up for COP 28 in 2023, the partnership aims to elevate UAE’s global logistics standing. Storyline Dubai Industrial City enhances UAE’s industrial and logistics sector, supporting Operation 300bn strategy. Maersk establishes UAE’s cold store facility, meeting rising demand for cold chain logistics.… Read More »

The Powerhouse Behind Vietnam Logistics Market: Freight Forwarding Sector Generates over USD 50 Bn in 2022, Fueled by Growing Road Freight Transport Sector and Favorable Government Regulations. What Lies Ahead? Ken Research

The Vietnam Logistics Market is highly fragmented with competitive rivalry among the competitors. Some of the popular logistics brands like Vietnam Post, DHL and Viettel Post compete on the basis of revenue, location, warehousing space, number of warehouses and number of fleets. 1.Driving Forward: Vietnam’s Growing Road Freight Transport Sector Expands with Government-led Infrastructure Development.… Read More »

Vietnam Logistics Market: Achieving a USD 60 Bn Milestone in 2022 with Vision 2030 and E-Commerce Logistics. What Lies Ahead for this Thriving Industry? Ken Research

1.Driving Forces: Vietnam’s Logistics Market Flourishes with Rising Economy, E-commerce Adoption, and Government Initiatives. Interested to Know More about this Report, Request for a sample report In 2022, Vietnam’s economy achieved a growth rate of 8.0%, fueled by various factors, including the significant contribution of export-oriented manufacturing to the logistics sector’s expansion. The adoption of e-commerce… Read More »

Vietnam Logistics Market Flourishes: CEP and Warehousing Sector Generate over USD 5 Bn in 2022, Fueled by Joint Ventures and Modern Warehousing Systems. What Awaits the Future? :Ken Research

1.Emerging Trends and Developments in Vietnam’s Warehousing Market: Joint Ventures, Automation, GSP Warehouse Preference, and Recent Funding Surge. Interested to Know More about this Report, Request for a sample report Logos Property and Manulife Investment Management joined forces in 2022 to construct an advanced logistics factory, covering an area of over 116,000 sqm and valued over… Read More »