Future Growth of Global Paints Packaging Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Paint refers to material that is utilized to colour the surface and texture of the object. It functions as a shield and safeguards the building and structures from environmental effects and harsh weather. Paint generally comprises of four ingredients involving pigments, additives, binders, and solvents.  The major function of pigment is to provide… Read More »

COVID Impact on Global Liquid Packaging Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Packaging is a harmless technology to safeguard products for storage, distribution, sale, and usage. Liquid packaging is a packaging approach which is done to safeguard the consumables like food, beverages, and liquids from damage throughout transportation and storage and microbial contamination. For appropriate transportation and long-term storage assortment of liquid packaging is vital.… Read More »

Chinese Logistics Industry is expected to Generate Revenues worth 15 RMB Trillion by 2025 CAGR of 7.5% during 2020-2025: Ken Research

Buy Now Cold storage warehousing space per capita still remain low at 0.12 cubic meters in China, versus global average of 0.20 cubic meters showcasing a huge potential growth for the Chinese cold chain sector. Increasing Number of Logistics service providers are focussing on improving their Value Added Services and streamlining their business operations using… Read More »

The Chinese Logistics Market is growing due to increasing Logistics demand, rising digital innovations, improving road Infrastructure Supported with rising Manufacturing: Ken Research

Buy Now Rising Digital Innovations: In recent years, China’s Freight Forwarding Industry is increasingly moving towards more digital, platform-based and collaborative innovation system to increase its efficiency. High penetration of mobile commerce has led to large disruption in B2B and B2C segment, with market participants being able capture a lion’s share of the market –… Read More »

China Logistics and Warehousing Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

Buy Now The report titled “China Logistics and Warehousing Market Outlook to 2025 – Led by Growth in Road Freight Services, Improving Infrastructure and Rising Digital Innovations” provides a comprehensive analysis on the performance of the Logistics industry in China. The report covers various aspects including revenue, trends & developments, issues & challenges faced by… Read More »

Future Growth of Global Same-Day Delivery Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Same-day Delivery is a market where the time between making an order and obtaining it is less than one day. Same-day delivery has the possible to transmute our shopping habits. It combines the ease of online shopping with the imminence of physical stores. During recent years, augmenting the number of businesses has begun… Read More »

Future Growth of Global Anti-Counterfeit Packaging Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Secure packagings are a critical technique used to avoid counterfeiting. Anti-counterfeit packaging provides secure or invulnerable packaging to the product in order to remove infringement & counterfeiting. It helps in preventing imitation and approves the genuineness & safety of the goods or products. Anti-counterfeit measures are enormously undertaken by the leading companies in… Read More »