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The Limousine Industry gross revenue is expected to cross AED 1 Bn along with the fleet size of 7000 by 2025- How will Tourists and corporate employess help to achive the desired growth?

Dubai has the largest number of Limousine companies owing to the presence of top industries, hotels, government organizations followed by Abu Dhabi which also the commercial hub of UAE, as per a report by Ken Research

1. Limousine industry is witnessing high demand from corporate sector and tourist attraction in the UAE.

Other Challenges in UAE Car Rental, Leasing And Limousine Market 

Dubai and Abu Dhabi were witnessed to have the highest demand for the Limousine car services owing to the number of tourists, number of business establishments, number of business travelers and events organized. Surging demand from corporate clients, 5 Star hotels and tour operators to fuel the growth of the Limousine industry in the UAE. Limousine services is majorly being demanded for leisure purpose in the UAE by the tourist who visit to the famous destinations of the country, by the elite population who hire limousine service for special occasions such as marriages, parties and others. Standard limousine car services are the most demanded in the UAE as it is the most cost economical option.

2. Dubai Dominating Limousine Industry in the UAE- High Tourist Influx and Infrastructure Development contributing is to the Growth of Limousine.

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  • Dubai was witnessed to have the highest demand for the Limousine car services owing to rising number of business entities, business travellers, 5-star hotels and Tour operators.
  • Dubai was recorded to have about 100 Limousine companies in the year 2020 which were tied up with multiple Premium Hotel Chains who are availing limousine services for their elite guests.
  • Limousine services are also required at events such as Dubai Air Show and international sports competitions such, Formula One race in Abu Dhabi, also Dubai Expo 2020 has led to surge in the demand of rental limousines in the country.
  • The UAEs focus on developing its business environment is leading to an increase in the number of enterprises and business travellers who either avail limousine services for themselves or the companies hire a limousine for their clients.

3. Industry focusing on introduction of Machine learning and IOT and Application platform- Trends in UAE Limousine Industry.

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  • Emergence of Aggregators such as Self-drive, Kayak, Car rental, Rental cars and Beno creating an on- demand, mobile-friendly reservation process through its website and Application platforms. Customer purchase frequency (business stickiness) increased by 33% while overall customer purchase volume shot up 37% after car rental and leasing companies launched their own mobile app.
  • With artificial intelligence, sensors in the car can gather and store information on the vehicle’s performance.
  • The Board of Executive Directors of Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has endorsed initiatives to transform 90% of limousines operating in Dubai into environmental-friendly vehicles, hybrid/electric, by 2026

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