Indonesia Logistics Market, Size and Growth Rate: Ken Research

With a CAGR of 10% between 2017 & 2021 Innovative technologies such as Barcode Snacking are changing the warehousing ecosystem for good. Is it a feasible solution for long term growth? : Ken Research

1.“Growth Inducing Rules & Regulations in place:” Warehousing Registration, monthly reporting, Foreign Investments are some of the important rules and regulations in Indonesia Warehousing Market.

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Laws such a warehouse registration which ensures mandatory registration of warehouses with ministry of trade (MOT) alongside presence of custom warehouses which are self-governing Indonesian customs warehouses can handle their imports & exports without compulsory testing of products, means of transport or safety standards by the customs & tax authorities have been put into place to ensure a decent growth environment for the warehouse & logistics market. This will promote long term growth & balance in the market.

2. Demand for warehousing units continue to increase in Indonesia due to the e-commerce boom fuelled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Demand for warehousing units has been increasing continuously with an increasing growth pattern. A pattern of steady growth has been observed since 2010 with government spending & infrastructure development in technology increasing continuously. Barcode snacking, robot technology, automatic loading platforms and temperature-controlled storage are some of the trends in the Warehouse market in Indonesia. Moreover, increasing government spending on infrastructure, Adoption of advanced technologies like tagging, packaging, RFID, WMS, and labeling, an increase in imported goods, etc.

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