Supply Chain Blues & Soaring Logistics Costs: Can Indonesia Logistics Market thrive against the odds? : Ken Research

The Indonesian freight and logistics market, like many others, faced formidable challenges during the COVID-19 crisis. While the pandemic’s impact recedes, the industry now confronts persistent pain points hindering its growth. Weak transportation infrastructure, supply chain dysfunctionalities, and high logistics costs stand as major barriers in the path of progress. As the lockdown measures are… Read More »

With a CAGR of 10% between 2017 & 2021 Innovative technologies such as Barcode Snacking are changing the warehousing ecosystem for good. Is it a feasible solution for long term growth? : Ken Research

1.“Growth Inducing Rules & Regulations in place:” Warehousing Registration, monthly reporting, Foreign Investments are some of the important rules and regulations in Indonesia Warehousing Market. To learn more about this report Download a Free Sample Report  Laws such a warehouse registration which ensures mandatory registration of warehouses with ministry of trade (MOT) alongside presence of… Read More »

Generating a revenue of USD 87 Bn in 2027 via improving trade relations, Indonesia’s Freight Forwarding market provides a strong hand for the country’s Logistics Market: Ken Research

A strong ecosystem alongside an improving export-import scenario are two of the major factors responsible for the growth of Indonesia’s Freight Forwarding market, says a report by Ken Research 1. With trade surplus of $35.34 Bn, Indonesia’s Export-Import scenario is a decent fit for its Logistics Market. Interested to Know More about this Report, Request… Read More »

Indonesia’s Logistics Market registered a growth rate over 10% by 2021 owing to rapid development of Special economic zones alongside government schemes such as NLE. Will the Growth Sustain? : Ken Research

History steady growth alongside a positive future forecast provides Indonesia’s logistics Market increasing confidence & interest of stakeholders, says a report by Ken Research 1. “Infrastructure to be the backbone of market growth:” Indonesia’s Infrastructural development is aimed at helping the country develop economic momentum & to bring about improvement in logistics sector. Request a Free… Read More »