KSA Dental Restorative Market: Ken Research

KSA Dental Service Market is expected to reach $3 Bn by 2027: Ken Research

With constant changes in lifestyle, rapid advancement in technology & increased awareness of personal grooming & self-care, the dental service market is projected to record a growth of about $3 BN in 2027

Saudi Arabia’s population is gaining awareness on the importance of oral healthcare & hygiene. Combining this with the scenario where government is making constant investment & efforts to make sure that Saudi & non-Saudi residents get access to high quality infrastructure, with cost-effective healthcare facilities.

Story Outline

  • Population growth in Saudi Arabia includes both Saudi nationals & foreign residents has increased, leading to increased demand for dental care. It has grown by 8.2 million since 2010, with significant portion of individuals younger than 30 years old.
  • Saudi Arabia has demonstrated commitment towards healthcare expenditure & local workforce participation in the dental industry. Additionally, a minimum wage for dentists is established & efforts are made to reserve 60% of seats for Saudi nationals.
  • Demands for cosmetic dentistry is growing due to increased awareness. The market size for cosmetic dentistry is expected to grow with the changing lifestyles & a focus on self-care is contributing to this trend.
  • According to Ken Research, the KSA Dental Service Market is expected to reach $3 Bn dollars by 2027, due to rising oral health problems & inclination towards good looks.

1. Population Growth in Saudi Arabia Drives Increased Demand for Dental Care

Saudi Arabia Oral Healthcare Challenges

In 2022, Saudi Arabia’s population hit 32.2 million. Out of which 42% population consists of foreign nationals, 63% of the population is under 30 years of age.

  1. When compared with 2010, the total population has increased by 8.2 million (34.2 per cent), out of which the population of Saudis have increased by 4.8 million (33.8 percent) & the number of non-Saudis has increased by 3.5 million (34.7 percent). When there is an increase in population, there is automatically an increase in the need for dental & other healthcare-related services. This includes routine-check-ups, treatments & cosmetic procedures for the increasing population.

2. Saudi Arabia’s Workforce Participation towards Accessible Dental Care

Saudi Arabia government has announced a minimum wage of SAR 7000 dollars (1860 US Dollars) for dentists in private practice. They also aim to reserve 60% of jobs for the Saudi Nationals & increase their participation in the market. More dentists mean, there will be easy access to dentalcare for everyone & students who are born in Saudi can contribute towards their country’s growth.

According to Ken Research, the KSA Dental Services market is striving towards growth, as they have increased the expenditure on healthcare two-fold, between 2019 and 2022. As a result, the dental market registered a 6.1% growth rate in 2022. Along with that, the citizens are provided free access to all levels of healthcare which is directly funded by the central government.

3. Growing Demand for Cosmetic Dentistry in Saudi Arabia

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Increasing awareness about oral hygiene, increasing income of the population, dental tourism & use of technology is leading to increasing demand for cosmetic dentistry market in Saudi Arabia. Cosmetic dentistry involves teeth whitening & implants which can be utilized by beauty or preventive/restorative care at hospitals & dental clinics & dental & research institutions get to study this phenomenon.

In recent years, cosmetic dentistry market in Saudi Arabia is evolving, due to changing lifestyles & increasing focus on appearance and self-care. As the awareness around oral hygiene & increased role of technology towards cosmetic dentistry increases, the cosmetic dentistry market will continue to rise in future.

4 Saudi Arabia’s Rise as a Premier Destination for Medical Tourism

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Saudi Arabia has emerged as a country with an immense potential for becoming an international medical tourism hub with its state-of-the-art infrastructure & facilities which have received international accreditation.

In 2022, there were 27,181 dentists who are working across different professional lines of dentistry The affordability in treatment made Saudi Arabia, a popular spot when it comes to seeking latest dental treatment & also encouraging students to pursue dentistry in universities.


Saudi Arabia’s population is driven by the growth of Saudi Nationals and foreign residents, a factor which significantly contributes to increasing demand for dental care. Saudi Arabian government has made substantial investment when it comes to healthcare & policies which encourage the local workforce to take up dentistry. With an increased demand in cosmetic dentistry, coupled with the country’s emergence as a destination for medical tourism, it highlights Saudi Arabia’s commitment to provide dental & healthcare services towards overall economic development of the country.

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