The Clinical Laboratories Market in Vietnam is growing owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, foreign investment and technological advancement: Ken Research

Focus on Increasing penetration of Private Health Insurance and Change in Consumption Habits Are Major Factor Contributing towards development of Clinical Laboratories Market in Vietnam. Lack of Awareness and No commercialization of Clinical Labs: The Vietnam Healthcare market is still largely traditional. The regular check-ups and lab tests are not prevalent, the patients only have… Read More »

Global Market Study On Collagen Supplements: Ken Research

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, containing 19 amino acids such as glutamine, arginine, proline, and glycine. Its fibrous structure is used to build connective tissue. As the collagen present depletes with age and it becomes difficult for the body to produce more, people turn to collagen supplements. Collagen supplements contain amino… Read More »

Ongoing Consolidation among private players, improving dental equipment and related solutions are major trends shaping the Philippines Dental Services Market: Ken Research

The Philippines Dental Services Market has a considerable growth potential in the coming years, is estimated to prosper from a growing economy, substantial public efforts and more local awareness. Growing spending on Oral healthcare: The majority of the population in the Philippines suffers from problems related to oral health like tooth decay, cavities, etc., and… Read More »

Rising Dental Awareness, Dental Tourism, Lower Dental Services Cost and Government’s Strong Initiatives in Healthcare System will boost the Dental Service Market in India: Ken Research

1. The India Dental Market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% for FY’2022-FY’2027F due to increasing number of dental colleges and labs in the country The rising Dental consciousness among the Indian population, along with the growing purchasing power, is expected to contribute to the market growth over the forecast period. Dental… Read More »

An increasing ageing population, changing lifestyles, and increased private and public health care expenditure are driving growth of India Dental Services Market: Ken Research

“The Dental Services Market in India saw a dip in the growth rate in FY’2021 due to the Covid-19 pandemic and dental clinics being shut down, but with everything opening back up the growth rate has gone back up.” India Dental Services Market Overview: The India Dental Services Market is currently at the growth stage… Read More »

3 Key Insights on ~US$ 150 Bn Opportunity in the Global Mental Wellness Market: Ken Research

The Rising Incidence of Mental Illnesses/Disorders Such as Depression, Anxiety, And Eating Disorders Will Serve as the Primary Driver of the Expansion of the Global Mental Wellness Market, which is forecasted to Cross ~US$ 150 Bn by 2028 says Ken Research Study. The ability to manage life’s stressors, recognize one’s potential, do well in school and at… Read More »