John Deere's Impact on UK Agricultural Equipment Market

John Deere’s Dominance and Financial Dynamics in the UK Agricultural Equipment Market

John Deere, a global leader in agricultural technology and machinery, has left an indelible mark on the United Kingdom’s Agricultural Equipment landscape. John Deere’s presence in the UK dates back to the 1960s when it established its first dealership.


  • With a network of 15+ dealerships, John Deere offers versatile financing options, empowering UK farmers to acquire equipment while effectively managing expenses and capital.
  • Despite a -3.83% revenue decline in 2020, John Deere demonstrated remarkable recovery with a ~21% growth in 2021, showcasing market resilience and adaptability.
  • Beyond financial performance, John Deere shapes industry trends and customer preferences, estimated to impact a total UK agricultural equipment market size of around 2171 million pounds.
  • While lacking manufacturing plants in the UK, John Deere’s extensive aftersales network and genuine parts availability ensure ongoing customer support and maintenance for equipment.
According to Ken Research, the UK’s agricultural equipment market is poised for substantial growth driven by technological innovation and evolving customer needs. The prominence of players like John Deere, their financing options, and aftersales services are expected to be key drivers in shaping the market’s expansion.

The agricultural equipment market in the United Kingdom is a dynamic sector driven by innovation, technological advancements, and evolving customer needs. Among the key players in this market, John Deere stands out with a prominent presence, a network of dealerships, and a range of financing options that cater to farmers’ diverse requirements.

1. Market Presence and Financing Options:

With over 15 dealerships across the UK, John Deere has established a strong footprint in the country’s agricultural equipment landscape. What sets John Deere apart is its comprehensive financing solutions that empower farmers to acquire the machinery they need to enhance their operations.

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These financing options provide farmers with various pathways to acquire equipment while managing their capital and expenses effectively.

2. Financial Performance:

UK farm equipment market analysis

Analyzing John Deere’s financial performance over the past years provides insights into its market strength. In 2020, a year marked by challenges including the pandemic, the company saw a decline of -3.83% in its revenue.

However, the subsequent years showcased remarkable recoveries. In 2021, John Deere experienced a revenue growth of ~21%, showcasing the sector’s resilience and adaptability. Looking forward, the projection for 2022 suggests a moderate decrease of -1.33%.

3. Market Impact and Projections:

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John Deere’s role in the UK agricultural equipment market goes beyond its financial performance; it extends to its significant impact on industry trends, customer preferences, and future projections.

Based on John Deere’s revenue and market share, it’s estimated that the total market size of the agricultural equipment sector in the UK should be around ~2000 million pounds. This projection underscores the significance of players like John Deere in shaping the market’s overall dynamics.

4. Manufacturing and Aftersales Services:

While John Deere’s presence is strong in the UK, the company doesn’t have manufacturing plants in the country. Nevertheless, its extensive aftersales services, along with the availability of genuine parts, ensure that customers receive ongoing support and maintenance for their equipment.

 John Deere’s extensive dealership network plays a vital role in reaching customers across the UK. While the exact number of dealerships may vary, there are over 15 dealerships that provide sales, service, and support for John Deere’s agricultural machinery. These dealerships serve as key touchpoints for farmers seeking reliable equipment, financing options, and technical assistance.

In Conclusion, John Deere’s influence in the UK agricultural equipment market is palpable through its widespread dealer network, diverse financing options, and a comprehensive range of machinery. Its financial performance highlights its ability to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities, contributing to the sector’s growth. As the market continues to evolve, John Deere’s presence is poised to remain a driving force, providing farmers with the tools they need to optimize their operations and contribute to the country’s agricultural landscape.

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