L'Oreal & Colgate-Palmolive: Innovation & Eco-Friendly

How L’Oreal & Colgate-Palmolive Dominate US Beauty & Personal Care in 2023

L’Oreal has invested $140 million towards developing a research & development center in the United States. Colgate-Palmolive isn’t behind when it comes to developing innovative products & services.

Both the companies are utilizing everything which is demanded of a beauty & personal care brand today- innovation while keeping sustainability in mind, providing organic & eco-friendly products & using modern-day marketing methods like social & influencer marketing to leverage sales.

Story Outline

  • According to Ken Research, the revenue generated in the US beauty & personal care is $92 billion in 2023, with the largest segment being the personal care market & the largest revenue is being generated by US, because of increasing incomes & awareness in people about their personal appearance.
  • L’Oreal and Colgate Palmolive demonstrate a strong commitment to eco-friendly practices & natural ingredients. They also excel in reaching out to their end users via social media & influencer marketing.
  • Both companies provide personalized beauty & oral care solutions. L’Oreal’s AI-powered Perso offers on-the-spot skincare & cosmetic formulas tailored to individual preferences, while Colgate+YOU allow customers to customize their own toothpaste, aiming to merge oral-care with beauty & wellbeing.
  • L’Oreal has invested in research & development centres across the United States, while Colgate-Palmolive has earned recognition for its groundbreaking recyclable tube & innovative Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen.

1. L’Oreal & Colgate Palmolive Lead the Charge in Innovation & Sustainable Technology

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L’Oreal has been actively investing on innovative technology & its development in the United States & across the world. In 2022, they invested about $140 million towards developing a research & development centre (R&D) in Newark area. Apart from Newark, L’oreal has different R&D centres at San Francisco, Clark & Redmond.

On the other side, Colgate-Palmolive has been named in Fast Companies’ list of World’s Most Innovative Companies in 2021 for developing a first-of-a-kind recyclable plastic tube & openly sharing these technologies with third parties. In 2023, they got recognized for developing an Overnight Teeth Whitening Pen which is applied at night & teeth gets cleaned overnight.

They’re also focused on the digitization of their business which has helped in building out augmented factories, clean data rooms & digital shelf innovation to drive growth in United States.

2. Personalized Beauty & Oral Care Innovations with Perso & Colgate+YOU

Personalized Beauty & Oral Care InnovationsIn order to serve their customers in the best way possible, companies make efforts to provide a customized product plan for their customers’ individual preferences. In 2020, L’oreal launched Perso, an AI-powered at-home system for skincare & cosmetics. The device is 6.5 inches long & provides a four-step process to deliver on-the-spot skincare & cosmetic formulas that optimize for increasing level of personalization over time.

Colgate-Palmolive had been assessing the potential of customization in oral care with a test-and-learn exercise in 2022. Colgate+YOU is a customizable toothpaste displayed on Colgate’s consumer website, priced at $12 per tube with the tagline ‘uniquely yours’.

Post pandemic, the company aims to merge the oral care category with the beauty & wellbeing-based attributes, making it appealing to the younger population by quirkier packaging of products or the overnight whitening pen, mentioned above.

3. L’Oreal & Colgate Palmolive’s Eco-Friendly Commitment to Safe & Natural Beauty Products

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People often want to buy from products which are made from organically safe & eco-friendly material, which does not harm their skin or physical appearance. L’oreal has showcased constant commitment towards providing skincare & beauty products, according to their user’s needs.

From 2021 onwards, they aim to integrate 95% of the ingredients across all brands & ranges will come from plants & flowers that can be renewed & repaired & minerals that can be adequately found.

Colgate-Palmolive is equally committed to making products which contain natural ingredients. For instance, Colgate offers a toothpaste made of charcoal to ensure deep cleansing & fresh breath.

They even make products like a toothpaste like Kids 2-in-1 Watermelon Burst Toothpaste. Moreover, Palmolive provides dish soaps which contains 100% biodegradable ingredients, so that the users don’t experience harm on their skin while using their products.

4. L’Oreal & Colgate-Palmolive’s Success with Authentic Social Media Partnerships

top funded health & beauty us companies

top funded health & beauty us companies

Influencer marketing plays a crucial role when it comes to reaching the target audience in an authentic & relatable way. Both these players have been utilizing social media & influencer marketing to a large extent.

XOMAD’s Influencer Research & Insights collaborated with L’Oreal USA to host 4 focus groups, moderated sessions, conducted 80+ influencer surveys to tell a brand story.

Colgate-Palmolive is also active by promoting through influencers. Recently, they used Traackr, a system of record for influencer marketing uniting regions, brands & agencies on one platform for discovery, campaign management & measurement. Colgate-Palmolive’s personal care brand including Sanex have delivered significantly better results while reducing campaign costs by 40%


L’Oreal & Colgate-Palmolive stand out as industry leaders in innovation, sustainability & customer centric approaches. Their investment in research & development, use of cutting-edge technology & focus on eco-friendly practices showcases their commitment to meeting consumer demands for safe, natural & personalized oral & beauty care products. Additionally, their effective utilization of influencer marketing has helped them connect with their target audience in an authentic & relatable manner, solidifying their positions as trailblazers in the competitive world of skincare & beauty.

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