Germany Crop Protection Market has grown in the last five years owing to the changing consumer behavior towards health consciousness, and favorable government policies: Ken Research

Germany, following the global trend was witnessing a decrease in arable land, which was further coupled with the increasing population. Corona Impact: The pandemic was a global phenomenon that had some sort of impact on practically every industrial segment. This also applied to the market for crop protection chemicals. Due to the fact that agricultural… Read More »

Adoption of modern farming techniques, increase in demand and the rise of organic food has driven the market for crop protection in Netherlands: Ken Research

Focus On Increase in Population, Food Security, Demand for Cereals and Organic Farming Are Major Factor Contributing Towards Development of Crop Protection in Netherlands Rising Demand of Crop Protection Chemicals: The growth of the crop protection chemicals market is influenced by rising demand of fumigants from several end user industries mainly in the agrochemical industry.… Read More »

With an increase in investment in research and development and new chemicals coming in, the Brazil Crop Protection market is expected to grow significantly: Ken Research

Brazil’s crop protection market is expanding as a result of shifting consumer preferences, rising crop protection product investment, and the use of cutting-edge agricultural technology in the country. Major players in the Crop Protection market in Brazil include Bayer CropScience, BASF SE, Syngenta AG, UPL, and Corteva agriscience. Key Market Findings: – The biopesticides segment… Read More »

Brazil Crop Protection Market is primarily driven by the adoption of contemporary agricultural technologies and the growth of organic food on the market: Ken Research

Driven by the various initiatives by the government for increasing the crop protection industry and increasing focus on food security, the crop protection market in Brazil has ample growth potential in the coming years. Expansion of the industry: Brazil is one of the top-producing countries in the world for agriculture. According to the World Bank,… Read More »

Pasar Agrokimia Indonesia Akan Didorong Masuknya Pemain Baru, Menumbuhkan Registrasi Produk Pestisida dan Meningkatkan Kesadaran Petani tentang Penggunaan Pestisida: Ken Research

Temuan Utama: Sejak 5 tahun terakhir, pertumbuhan luas lahan pertanian yang tersedia di negara ini sangat sedikit, namun permintaan akan makanan terus meningkat. Hal ini dapat mengakibatkan pergeseran ke arah adopsi lebih banyak penggunaan produk agrokimia dan mekanisasi dalam proses pertanian. Pada tahun 2018, Indonesia mencatat lahan subur seluas 571,1 km persegi di negara ini.… Read More »

Indonesia Complex Fertilizer Market Research Report: Ken Research

The market research report titled “Indonesia Complex (NPK) Fertilizer Market Outlook to 2022 – Balanced Demand and Supply Equilibrium with High Level of Regulation” provides a comprehensive analysis of the complex fertilizer market in Indonesia. The report covers complex fertilizer market size, consumption of complex fertilizers by product form, product type, application by crops and… Read More »

Global Biopesticides Market Future Outlook, Size, Share & Trends Analysis

Biopesticide is obtained from pure and crude matter, like animals, plants, bacteria, and specific minerals. Microbes, like bacteria, viruses, fungi, or microscopic nematode worms can be utilized in agricultural activities to limit or eradicate pests that are likely to cause harm to a plant. Biopesticides are used to keep away pests that harm the crop… Read More »

High Farm Mechanization Rate Is Set to Propel Global Agricultural Adjuvants Market Outlook: Ken Research

Agricultural adjuvants are utilized in conjunction with crop protection products such as herbicides, insecticides, and fungicides to enhance the effectiveness of these pesticides. These adjuvants can vary from drift control, stickers, compatibility agent, anti-foaming agents, wetting agents, water conditioners, and penetrants. Relying upon the application requirement, precise type of adjuvant is added during the pesticides… Read More »

Global Biological Pesticide Market is predicted to Propel Due to Increasing Number of Research and Development Activities: Ken Research

href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Buy Now Biopesticides or biological pesticides are utilized for controlling several insects and against pathogens that cause the diseases. The several forms of biopesticides involve the bioinsecticides, biofungisides and bionematicides. The advantages derived from the utilization of biopesticides in agriculture and in public health, programs are significant. The global consumption of biopesticides over… Read More »

Global Dicamba Herbicide Market Future Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now The Global Dicamba Herbicide Market is set to attain astounding growth in the market. The report delivers information about the latest market shares, revenues, and restraints. It gives a clear look at the trending brand assessments and specifics of the industry. The report gives an in-depth look at the competitive strategies of the… Read More »