Future of Agritech in India: Ken Research

India’s agritech sector has grown significantly as a result of increased investor interest in the industry, decreasing post-harvest and supply chain losses, increasing rural internet penetration, and other factors. It is thought to have a bright future, especially as it integrates with tech entrepreneurs. 1. Presence of Large Number of Intermediaries & Inadequate Supply Chain… Read More »

Indian Aquaculture Feed Market is expected to expand at a CAGR of ~4.2% on the basis of Revenue in between FY’22-FY’27E: Ken Research

Increasing awareness on health and hygiene is resulting in people consuming residue-free food, which is building pressure on exporters to grow seafood that is good for health. This has a positive impact on the aqua feed industry as quality feed and fish seeds for aqua species will contribute in the growth of these species without… Read More »

Growing Rural Smartphone Penetration, Technological Advancements and Infrastructural Expansion to Stimulate the Growth of Agritech Industry in India: Ken Research

In January 2021, Cropin raised $20 mn in a Series C funding round led by Singapore-based PE firm, ABC World Asia. The company aims to use the latest funding for global expansion & driving the European market. Agritech startup Dehaat acquired FarmGuide, a B2B Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, in February 2021. The company… Read More »

Important Role of Drip Irrigation System in Agriculture Industry: Ken Research

The Drip Irrigation Systems Industry by Technology has grown significantly in the past few years as there is a huge demand over supply activities this report insights into the current market trends, revenues, shares, and Trend Outlook. It encloses the current scenarios of the market size in the industries. This report signifies the current practices… Read More »

Make way for Start-ups! Capital Inflow to launch the growth of agri-tech startup, says Co-founder of Bighaat: Ken Research

India holds enormous potential to become the ‘next destination’ for AgriTech platforms propelled by increased capital investment, and mobile penetration. With growing demand patterns, the industry is expected to see a huge demand for AgriTech platforms. In conversation with Mr. Sateesh Nukala, CEO and Co-Founder of Bighaat we attempted to seek his opinion and understand… Read More »

India Agritech Market Growth Is Propelled By Higher Adoption Agritech Solutions: Ken Research

In the economic growth, the agriculture plays a crucial role of some of the greatest nations in the India. With continuously increasing populace and increasing requirement of agricultural output to meet the rising requirement, the investments in the agriculture technology solutions have been increasing at an impressive pace around the world. According to the report… Read More »

India Agritech Market, Industry Revenue, Sales, Market Outlook to 2025: Ken Research

Agriculture plays a crucial role in the economic growth of some of the greatest nations in the India. With uninterruptedly increasing population and growing requirement of agricultural output to encounter the growing requirement, the investments in agriculture technology solutions have been increasing at an impressive pace in India. According to the report analysis, ‘India Agritech… Read More »

India Aquaculture Feed Market, Industry Analysis, Revenue, Future Outlook: Ken Research

Competitive Landscape in India Aquaculture Feed Market, Fy’22 The market is majorly concentrated among few major players such as Avanti Feeds and C.P. Aquaculture among others. The feed manufacturing companies’ witness’s low threat of substitution as aqua feed constitutes significant component of the total input required in aquaculture. There are other international players and a… Read More »