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Cooling the Future: Eurovets and Vakava Revolutionize Dubai’s Cold Chain: Ken Research

The partnership is expected to set Dubai’s cold chain industry on a path of greater sustainability and environmental responsibility.


  • Eurovets partners with Vakava Technologies for sustainable cold chain solutions in Dubai.
  • Innovative cooling units offer stable temperatures without external power sources.
  • Cost-effective and eco-friendly, reducing carbon footprint in the cold chain industry.
  • As per Ken Research,, the partnership will result in empowering local businesses with portable technology for efficient and reliable cooling solutions.

The Cold Chain industry, known for its good old energy consumption, has become a crucial focus for sustainability efforts. In an effort to address this issue while enhancing operational efficiency, Eurovets, a leading distributor of veterinary products and services, has partnered with Vakava Technologies, experts to provide efficient cold chain solutions. This collaboration is aimed at providing sustainable and scalable cold chain solutions to businesses across Dubai, optimizing workflow, reducing costs, and minimizing carbon footprint.

  1. Revolutionizing the Cold Chain Industry

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Eurovets and Vakava Technologies’ partnership has resulted in providing innovative solutions that promise to revolutionize the way cold chain systems are put to usage in Dubai. With the cold chain industry accounting for 15% of global electricity consumption, the need for energy-efficient and environmentally friendly practices has never been more critical.

  1. Sustainable Cooling Solutions

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Vakava’s cooling units offer a game-changing approach to the cold chain process. The units utilize special PCM cooling technique alongside custom insulation and air circulation methods while maintaining a stable temperature without needing an external power source. By incorporating temperature sensors and embedded GSM or Bluetooth trackers, businesses will be able to gain real-time data analysis, allowing them to adjust energy usage based on demand, optimizing workflow and reducing costs.

  1. Enhanced Flexibility & Reduced Carbon Footprint

Vakava’s solutions are not only energy-efficient but also highly flexible. The cooling units can be opened and closed multiple times during transit while maintaining a stable temperature thereby eliminating the need for refrigerated vehicles. As businesses can modify energy management during rate hikes or extreme weather conditions, they can achieve greater control over their carbon footprint.

  1. Empowering Local Businesses

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Eurovets and Vakava’s collaborative efforts are aimed at empowering local businesses by providing them with portable cold chain technology. Moreover, the partnership will also result in other benefits including reduced carbon footprint, improved surplus & work flow optimization. These cooling units can be easily installed on delivery bikes or inside vans/cars, eliminating the need to keep the engine running in order to maintain temperature. This super-efficient solution is particularly significant considering the surge in fuel prices, helping businesses save energy and costs while ensuring an unbreakable cold chain with sustainable, cutting-edge technology.


Eurovets’ strategic collaboration with Vakava Technologies marks a significant step towards a greener and more efficient cold chain industry in Dubai. By introducing sustainable cooling solutions that optimize workflow, reduce costs, and minimize carbon footprint, businesses in the region can now embrace a more eco-friendly and economically viable approach to their cold chain operations. With this innovative partnership, Dubai’s cold chain industry is set to embark on a path of greater sustainability and environmental responsibility.

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