Will ONDC Kill Duopoly of Swiggy-Zomato? Find out what the ONDC CEO T Koshy has to say about it: Ken Research

Swiggy and Zomato reign supreme as the dominant players in India’s online food delivery market, collectively commanding an impressive market share of around 50%. According to a Ken Research report, the journey of online food delivery market players in India began in 2006 with the pioneering ventures of “JustEat” and “FoodieBay.” Furthermore, companies like Foodpanda,… Read More »

The GCC Smart Home Market Depicted Strong Growth Over 2014-2019 with a CAGR of 19%. Will GCC continue this growth trajectory: Ken Research

1.The market is dominated by international brands creating a future possibility Global Technology adapted to Arab Needs. Other Challenges in Smart Home Market A smart home is a residence with advanced automation systems and intelligent devices that users can control remotely through a smartphone or computer. It increases comfort, convenience, security, and energy efficiency by… Read More »

The on-demand home services industry is valued at AED 4 Bn as of 2021. Will UAE be able to continue the growth trajectory? : Ken Research

1. UAE Inflation rate is rising even though there is increasing government incentives to buyers is driving the residential real estate market of UAE, despite the rise in prices Trends and Developments in UAE on-demand home services Average prices of houses in Dubai increased by 9.3% in 2021, while average rents increased by 8.3%, as… Read More »

Unlocking Future Growth: KSA On-Demand Home Services Market Relies On Knowledgeable Employees And Advanced Tools As Key Commodities – Ken Research

Insights from Ken Research: Value Addition, Geographic Expansion, and Targeted Marketing Strategies Key to Boosting On-Demand Home Service Market in KSA. 1. Service Providers Dominate KSA’s Fragmented On-Demand Home Service Market, Holding 95% of the Share. To Know More about this report, download a Free Sample Report The KSA On-Demand Home Service Market is fragmented… Read More »

Pertumbuhan berkelanjutan yang didukung oleh peningkatan penetrasi Internet dan smartphone, pertumbuhan populasi, dan proliferasi pedagang online dan pembayaran telah mendorong pertumbuhan Pasar (Direct to Consumer – (D2C)): Ken Research

Sekitar 60% dari total populasi pada tahun 2021 (162.5 juta) berada di bawah kelompok usia 15-54 tahun ditambah dengan pendapatan per kapita yang tinggi (USD 4.349,5 pada tahun 2021) merupakan pasar potensial yang sangat besar bagi Industri Ritel Online. Besar Pasar Direct to Consumer – (D2C) di Indonesia hanya <1% dari Total pasar perdagangan elektronis… Read More »

Pertumbuhan yang berkelanjutan didukung oleh peningkatan penetrasi Internet dan smartphone, pertumbuhan populasi, dan proliferasi pedagang online dan pembayaran telah mendorong pertumbuhan Pasar Direct to Consumer – D2C: Ken Research

Memacu pertumbuhan industri telah menjadikan Indonesia sebagai negara terbesar ke-3 di G20 setelah India dan China dan diperkirakan akan mengembangkan kondisi persaingan pasar yang kuat untuk pasar Direct to Consumer – D2C Indonesia di tahun-tahun mendatang.  Peraturan Perdagangan Elektronis E-Commerce: Pemerintah Indonesia memperkenalkan PP No. 80 tahun 2019 pada bulan November 2019 yang bertujuan untuk… Read More »

On-Demand Home Services Industry In UAE at a CAGR of ~9.7% In 2021 – 2026- Ken Research

Digital is the Future: Companies will continue to invest in digital marketing strategies to improve their service visibility and promoting sales. Advertisements on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and Facebook will enable companies to enhance brand awareness and attract potential customers. Internet penetration is high in UAE, almost 99% of the population use… Read More »